Month: Oct 2019

Police: Proactive or Reactive?

Just for a minute tonight I want to talk about the police. It has come to mind due to some of the comments that are coming through to the page about Lisa's children and the facilitators involved. Someone mentioned that one of Lisa's daughters thought she was a 'hard' girl because she had reported Lisa … Continue reading Police: Proactive or Reactive?

Prison … from the heart!

Last thing I am doing tonight as I am so tired but I felt the need to bring you this. It raises some interesting points about prison, the camaradie, the image and thought of it verses the reality of it, and what effect it has on people. The question is whether its really a punishment, … Continue reading Prison … from the heart!



Scribblers Arena

I’ve given up on this life,

there’s no excitement left.

My soul has been lost

like the victim of a theft.

The joy I once had has

vanished from sight,

all that remains are regrets

that feed off me like a parasite.

To look to the future is

too daunting a task

now that I haven’t the energy

to hide behind a mask.

Every day is greeted by

an obvious lack of passion

the struggle to get through

has left me looking ashen.

The wait will be over soon,

and it will all come to an end,

my only hope is there’s a place

where my heart can mend.

woman standing beside window curtain Photo by Tess Emily Seymour on

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Prisoner — Scribblers Arena

I am being held prisoner by my own mind, sentenced to life for what I can’t leave behind. The memories of mistakes that I have made stand guard and man the barricades. They prevent entry to any hope of forgiveness or any thought they may find suspicious. Instead my only visitors are my regrets who […]Prisoner … Continue reading Prisoner — Scribblers Arena

Take The Mental Health Assessment Test — Human Performance Psychology

Are you thinking about seeking the help of a therapist? If certain issues have been causing problems in your life and you aren’t sure how to make the necessary changes, therapy can help. With the help of a professional, you can get out of an unhealthy cognitive, emotional, and behavioral pattern. Fill out the following […]Take … Continue reading Take The Mental Health Assessment Test — Human Performance Psychology