Mal Comms Conviction – Criminal Court

I rented premises for a few days – false name, cash only, PAYG sim card, no car etc … It had been my intention to get my Last Will & Testament verified in such a way that it could not be challenged, thereby ensuring Candi’s future prior to ending my life. However, I had to time it correctly so that Amber wasn’t left on her own and I knew the owner of the flat wouldn’t be back until Monday around noon. That gave me about 24 hours before I had to take the pills.

On the 16th February Police Officer Andrew Alderson attended the premises to do a welfare check. His instructions were to telephone DC James Copley at Basingstoke when he found me.

DC Copley told him I was to be arrested on suspicion of malicious communications. PC Alderson repeatedly asked that the interview take place in Romsey where I was staying but DC Copley refused and insisted I was transported to Basingstoke. PC Alderson advised DC Copley that Amber was with me, that he was concerned about me and my mental state, and that this course of action would only serve to distress me further.

PC Alderson wrote in his notebook “Lisa seemed clear on her intent”

I was interviewed under the malicious communications act – did I send Candi a suicide note. I had the duty solicitor, Mr Lee Atkins and he told me give a no comment interview. He had been the duty solicitor with the previous allegations and said the police were looking for something to charge me with. He advised that if they could prove Candi and I had been in contact, and been on holiday together in view of those previous allegations they would look at witness intimidation. I followed legal advice.

I stopped the interview 15, maybe 20 times as I was so unhappy with what was being said about me. I was being accused of harassing Lee (Candi’s boyfriend) with a phone number that I knew and could prove belonged to Candi. The things in both Candi’s & Lee’s statements were just absolute crap and I wasn’t allowed to say anything.

DC Amanda Wallis made the suggestion that Candi & Lee had set all this up to get me in trouble – she had been at the interview for the previous allegations as well and we had had a conversation when she had been releasing me. I stopped the interview again … I begged and pleaded with Mr Atkins to let me answer questions but he said his advise was a no comment interview and that if I didn’t follow his advice then he would recuse himself from my legal counsel and I could go on without him. Better some representation than none?

After the interview I spoke with two of the officers in the holding cells and the Sergeant and said I wasn’t happy – I had wanted to answer questions. They told me that if I wanted different legal advice then I would need to sack Mr Atkins, and pay for another solicitor myself as I had already received my public funding. What choice did I have?

Later I was told I was being charged with Witness Intimidation. I was held in police custody due to my own safety being at risk. I was so ill I was transferred to Basingstoke Hospital twice, complete with male officers at my every step. I had nothing to eat as the police station couldn’t offer me anything that wouldn’t trigger my allergies and I had no medication as again, the police station didn’t keep those sorts of drugs on the premises and no one could verify anything with my GP to get the medications elsewhere. I couldn’t even use deodorant or shower or have clean knickers as police stations don’t deal with that. I just had to wait the whole weekend until Court.

Basingstoke Magistrates Court remanded to HMP to try to get me some help with my mental state. Nothing to do with what I had been charged with – it was all about whether I would kill myself if they let me go and the considered opinion was that I would.

Read how I coped with prison here:

The case was transferred to Winchester Crown Court who gave me bail on the 1st March 2019. I overdosed that night and was not available for the tag company, so I was back to HMP, only I was sick and collapsing in the cells at court and the staff done nothing – they are not allowed to do anything. I was sick all the way in the van back to HMP – the other girls were calling out about it but the staff aren’t allowed to do anything and then when I got back to HMP they refused to let me in because I was so ill. They called an ambulance and I was rushed off to hospital again.

On 20th March 2019 the case was finally listed in Winchester Crown Court for a plea hearing. ONLY I wasn’t allowed to plea because the CPS didn’t have the evidence to indict me with Witness Intimidation. They had to plead with the Judge for further time. At this point I am in Prison and they don’t have any charges on me? WTAF???

On 27th March 2019 we was back in Winchester Crown Court for a plea hearing and the CPS still couldn’t indict me for Witness Intimidation. My barrister advised that all they had was the suicide note, which I agreed I had written. I could take my chances and ask for trial but that would be another 4-6 months away and I would have to stay on remand or I could plea guilty to the letter and be done with it. So that is what happened.

Because I pleaded guilty I had to have pre-sentence reports done which took another 3 weeks but on the 18th April, finally, the Judge dealt with my case.

The Judge was fairly displeased with the whole process. His comments were that this should never have been in court, this was a family matter and there was clearly a lot more here than he was party to.

Sentencing Guidelines were very vague but at its broadest stretch this was a category 2 offence which didn’t even carry a custodial sentence so the fact I had been on remand for 2 months was something the Judge was not at all happy about.

However I pleaded guilty so guilty I was – 1 count of malicious communication by way of a suicide note and 1 count of malicious communication by way of a suicide text.

He gave me 20 RAR days hoping that this would be beneficial in the wider picture. CPS threw in a last minute plea for a restraining order without relevant evidence or notice but the Judge allowed it.

And therein lies the start of my criminal record … will this be revoked when the police do their job? will there be additions to the record? Who knows – what I do know is that if I am going back to prison, then I will make sure its for something worth doing! Never say never …

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