The Sexual Allegations …

Her parents were destroyed. Their marriage broke down, they left their house and seperated permanently. Candi brought the allegations back in 2013 when she won woman of the year award and it was printed in the Chichester Observer. 289 7979

This happens more often than you imagine. Click on the link to see other stories.


Phone: 0844 335 1992

Monday to Friday, 18:00 to 22:00.


Helpline: 0843 289 2016

I am number six …

She has already made allegations to me that Lee is pressuring her into sex. Its only a matter of time before he is handcuffed and his life is destroyed.

The girl needs help …

I strongly believe this is a psychological issue and not a malicious issue. I am in the difficult position of wanting the very best for her as I love her to bits but I cannot dismiss what she has done and said. I am scared she will keep doing this and end up in prison herself. This is not the life I want for her. I have no malice towards her. I want to help.

If you need help and support try some of these organisations. If there are others to be added to this list please drop details in the comments and I will add them in.

I found lots more support groups on twitter.

20YearsFACT #supportingfalselyaccused #falseallegations #falseaccusations #liesfollowliars #falseaccusers #falselyaccused as well as a heap of people and organisations. Reach out if you need help

5 thoughts on “The Sexual Allegations …

    1. If you look through the posts and the evidence you will find her name and a lot of other details about her but I am not going to just willingly hand out her name as she is likely to report me to the police for something or other. At the moment I am not breaking any laws – I am just publishing evidence and opinion and using my human right to free speech. If you want to help then share the hell out of this page so that everyone knows who she is, who he is … and all the gory details!

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  1. I will share on my feed. I know how you feel but keep going. People like her need to be sorted out. She is not human. I read all your posts and most of your pages and you are a very strong lady with so much to give. I apologise that the scum of society like her done this to you. Can you prosecute her so she is punished in some way?

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