Achievements – Important when considering Mental Health

Someone said yesterday that I need to set goals to achieve everyday. That setting goals to do the minor things in life is important on the road to recovery. Now those who are following me will have read how patronising I find the attitudes are when it comes to Depression and Suicide. Why are you treating everyone from a text book? We are all human and we all work differently and a goal to say I must get out of bed, or I must have a shower does nothing for me and to be honest is a bloody insult! Just because I am depressed doesn’t mean I lose all my education!

However I set a goal – I will complete the blogsite before I end my life and today I have typed up a signifcant page! I still want to go through and add images to break it up but that was a lot of typing I got through!

To all those people out there that said how much better it would make me feel – you are so so so wrong!

Are goals important to those with mental health illnesses? Ask the person not the text book!

And remember one thing – they are still a person, still have a brain with a level of education, maturity, and enablement.

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