She asked me for a year …

When we was in Cornwall and she didn’t want to return to her home, she asked me to give her a year to sort herself out. She said in that time she would talk Lee round to be able to leave him to come home but to be able to keep him as a friend. I know this was more of her manipulation, more of her games and if she is truly the narc that people say she is then its all part of the hoovering process…


Her year is almost up. In a matter of a few days it will have been a year. That is a whole year of our lives that she has ruined and wasted.

Of course that is her choice. She is a grown adult and its entirely up to her if she wants to live the downtrodden life she is living but then she has to accept that she chose the path we walk.

It is my choice to fulfil her requests – one of which was that I was dead. I have done everything she asked for all these years so why stop now?

She has made my life such a misery that it is no longer worth living. She has caused my mental illness, the deterioration in my physical illness and the absolute hell in which I am expected to live. That is a medical opinion by psychiatrists and GP’s and she is aware of that as she has had the reports.

She is responsible, and no matter what anyone else says, she remains responsible and lets not forget that is a professional opinion now and not just something I am saying.

I just hope she is able to live with her choices.

As for poor Lee … we all know whats coming. I hope that the losses you suffer are worth it to you. You’re up next!

This site will continue to be hosted in my absence and more evidence will be loaded but you wont hear my thoughts and views on the subject. My files have all been passed on.

Don’t be sad. I am here for another couple of days and I will be loading and loading and loading so stick with me.

One last favour – share, share, share and share the site. Lets get this out there as much as we can.

Love my readers :)x

8 thoughts on “She asked me for a year …

    1. I have been trying to learn about it but I don’t think she is a narcissist. I can see the traits in her but I think its more to do with needing to be centre of attention, being the victim etc and being a victim and a narc don’t go together. I’m not a psychiatrist or psychologist but it doesn’t take an expert to see she needs help before she does it again. She is heading for either someone to kick holy shit out of her or Jail time and I don’t want either of those for her.

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  1. Narc relationship. Gas-lighting. Hoovering. Flying Monkeys. All very classic I’m afraid. Its clear she still has a hold on you. She still has that control. You are in danger.

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    1. Thankyou but I don’t think I am in danger. In honesty she doesn’t give a fuck about me – she has moved on to the next person and she will destroy him and his child, and possibly my daughter with it. She knows how ill I am and knows what she has done to me and she revels in it. She doesn’t give a shit about anyone but herself. I’m not in danger from her.

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  2. Then she is psycho. I’ve been watching your posts and there is a lot of love there and from what I can see it wasn’t one sided. What was her trigger?

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    1. A lad from her past came into her life – he was the one that got away. I think she couldn’t let anyone ‘win’ as it were and so she played with him a bit. I thought she had grown out of it and was settled but he triggered all the old insecurities so she switched it up and I was the fall out. I still can’t believe she turned on me but then the ‘experts’ say she is incapable of feeling, I was chewed up and spat out. Well if thats true then the world will know. I’ve been offered a full feature in a newspaper where she lives and it will go online and all over the south. I’m going to meet the bloke tomorrow.

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