When I’m Gone …

I hope with every ounce of my being that this time it will work. I have taken the necessary precautions and its all in hand.

Do not think I have a mental illness – I promise you my mental health has been checked time and time and time again. They have tried to section me, to put my into a safe place but I have full capacity and have full cognitive ability.

This is not my choice.

This is where she put me. This is what she wants. This is what she asked for.

She knows the illness I bear and yet she has no sense of duty or responsibility to care.

She knows the torment she has left in her wake and yet she has no empathy.

She, who was once good and pure is now self centered and pre-occupied with her next victim.

And as in life I have been manipulated and programmed to need her presence, my spirit will hold this with the commitment that was demanded of me.

She will have her wish, she will have my death, and she will have my spirit.

I will haunt her until her dying day, just as I always promised.

And I just can’t wait to see her run to the police for harassment when my ghost follows her every move!

2 thoughts on “When I’m Gone …

  1. OMFG Girl I just fecking love you. You are hilarious. Does she know you blog? You so have to tell her she will piss her pants. She be fucking this guy with you in her head knowing your ghost is watching her that is just so feckin funny. I done a ghost hunt and they are powerfull. Hope she gets what she deserves. She sounds a bitch.

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  2. LOL. I am not telling her that I have a blog – she will have me arrested for contacting her. How ironic that the only way I can contact her without the law being all over me is by being dead and thats what she wants.. Ha Ha – I promise you if there is an afterlife and ghosts exist which by popular opinion they do, she wont be wishing me dead then.
    No she’s not a bitch – she is screwed up in the head and has no thought for others. Its all about her and what she can get and what she needs. Lee and his family believe all her shit but once the truth is out, she will move on to the next person. She has already told me she doesn’t want to have sex with him – she feels forced to do it to keep him on side. His life is heading down the same road as the rest of us before him who tried to show her love and affection.
    I’m getting the shit because I didn’t give up and walk away like all the others did.
    As in life so be it in death – I’m not walking away. I am dealing with my pain by ending my physical life and then I’ll be there …..

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