Allegations can kill

I have just seen an online article in the Telegraph about someone who killed himself due to being accused of a sexual offence. In this case the charges were dropped as the ‘victim’ withdrew her statement, but the allegation and accusation were too much for him to cope with.

I totally know how this feels!

The suicidal ideation following false allegations of any kind of sexual offence is extremely common. Feelings of shame, humiliation, degradation fall upon you and yet you done nothing wrong – this is what is implied on us by the police. In some circumstances the police tell people this is what you are accused of – in my case the police told my daughter this is what I was guilty of, but even if the police don’t tell people this is not something you can deal with on your own.

Who do you turn to? Who do you trust? In my case the only people I could have trusted were Candi and Lucie, but the police told Lucie I was guilty before they even released me.

If you have been on my site you will see that Candi went on to harass me constantly, made my life a living hell and actually committed crimes but the police didn’t want to know. Again, this is not uncommon.

Whilst I have the upmost empathy for the men who are accused of rape, now try to imagine how that feels for the woman who is accused of paedophilia. After 12 years of loving and caring for a girl who I thought had come to me following sexual abuse, I am now the one in the spotlight for apparently further sexual abuse.

We even come down to she breached a non-molestation order by being in the area, calling me and hacking my laptop and yet the police went out of their way to ‘hold’ it and stop any form of justice. At the same time they were prosecuting me for breach of a restraining order for a comment on facebook. I have detailed this on my site to show, in my opinion, just how biased the police against someone under this sort of investigation.

The story doesn’t even make sense, and that is something I will turn to in another blog. What I wanted to say was when we began to rebuild our relationship (after I had apparently been sexually abusing her for years) she told me that the suicidal ideation just made me look guilty.

I hid how I felt for a long time because I was scared I looked guilty. Thats what she made me believe.

But do you know what? She has taken everything away from me so if the police want to charge me and take this to trial then f*****g bring it on. I have nothing left to lose. I will shout my innocence from the rooftops, in every paper, on every social media and anywhere I can make myself heard.

What I am going through is wrong! Its inhumane! It’s digusting! but so is what she has done, and whilst I love her and care about her I cannot condone her actions.

I am number 6 in her allegations of sexual abuse!

Thats 6 people she has destroyed to one degree or another – how many more!


Edward Hayes ( clarify the following:

  • Perverting the course of justice = serious criminal offence, which can carry a sentence of life imprisonment, occurs when someone prevents justice from being served on themselves or another party by intimidating or interfering with witnesses, jurors or judges, or tampering with, disposing of or fabricating evidence, and false allegations by accusing someone of a crime which leads to them being arrested.
  • Perjury = making a deliberately false statement in court, which is material to the proceedings. The seriousness of this act is reflected in the sentence it carries – potentially up to seven years in prison.
  • Wasting Police time = misleading an investigation by lying to the police.

There is also a wealth of information on with support and stories from other people that have been there!

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