Police Bias …

I have made it very clear that in my opinion the police are showing bias between Candi, Lucie and I. However it is not until you start to put it all together that you see the bias so very clearly.

I have no objections to the fact that I was arrested due to a serious allegation that was made against me, however the law of the land is innocent until proven guilty. Well can someone please tell the police this?

From that day on, I was seen as some kind of monster. I was released under investigation – not charged, not bailed, and it was stated they had no concerns for me being around children whether they be my own or someone else’s. But did they listen to me?

Did they hear me when I said she had a psychological issue that had been present for years, that she had done this to this extent before with her biological father and that she had made a further 4 sexual abuse allegations in between, let alone all the other allegations she had made?

What happened when I began to report the harassment I was being subject to? I am told it is added to the file. What happened when she stole from me? I am told it is added to the file. What happened when she hacked me? I am told it is added to the file.

Having finally got my subject access request (even if it is still only partially complete) from the police, I see things written on there that just aren’t true. The police are everyday people – they are not judge and jury, they need to be reporting the facts and not their own opinions.

For example – in November 2018, Candi hacked into my personal flickr account and unlawfully downloaded the images I stored on there. How did she bypass security? she reinstated an old number of mine and used it to authenticate that she was me. Some of these images had been taken through the business we jointly owned but in any event the law states that copyright belongs to the person who took the photograph – and that was me. Clients had all signed our terms and conditions which stated that.

So I could prove that the images were mine, that it was her that hacked my personal account (IP address and she changed the email and phone number), and that there was a separate business account. I could even prove that she downloaded the images. The officers report that she accessed photographs from a joint business!

Here we are a few months down the line and she has used those images to open a ‘fake’ business on facebook!

I made a comment on this page and due to the restraining order against me for sending her a suicide letter, I was arrested and charged. Now again fair enough, law is law but where was the investigation here? After all I reported it to the police and I was told they don’t deal with intellectual reports. So they can deal with a report of an intellectual nature due to a comment on facebook but they can’t deal with a report of intellectual theft, breach of copyright and fraud?

How do we find equality in investigating a comment on a facebook page from an account which both Candi and I had access to but choosing not to investigate phone calls from Candi’s phone number to my phone number? Both incidents are potential breaches of restraining / non-molestation orders.

Oh that’s right – I reported the breach of the non-molestation order so they don’t have to consider that, but if Candi had reported it then I would have been arrested with immediate effect.

How can I not draw the conclusion that the police are biased when even in their own records they evidence this bias?

I have not hidden the fact that I remain under investigation for a serious offence. That is a fact that will be with me for the rest of my life, irrespective of the outcome of the investigation. However as I said at the start of this blog – innocent until proven guilty, I live in the UK and this is common law.

Imagine my shock and distress when I saw this on police record:

Yes I have complained, Yes I am expecting an apology but actually its no wonder the individual officers are showing bias when their record keeping is so abismal. Let me put the record straight:

and that is it! That is my entire criminal history.

I have reported this to the ICO, who had to get involved just to get my records. Hampshire Police and Sussex Police – it really is no wonder that the public, and this member of the public in particular has such a poor opinion of you!

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