Guest Blog?

Is that what they call it? When someone else blogs for you? Hmmmm I’m a guest (how do I put a smiley face here?)

So Lisa is absent and I am on the blog and trying to maintain all the paperwork. I dont know how she does it in all fairness but dont you worry I have full access to all her pictures and files and I am a quick learner so will be putting the information on here fairly soon.

For anyone who has been reading this story your heart must be breaking for this lady just as much as mine is. I don’t know her well and I have never met Candy or Lucy but the only time I see any light in her eyes is when she speaks about them. They were clearly once a very happy family and very close and from the photographs I have seen there was so much love between them all. I seriously dont understand the mentality of someone who could destroy all that.

Lisa says it was Candy, that Candy had this need in her that she was not able to overcome. When Candy wanted something everyone had to conform until she got it but how does one little girl have so much power? There is only one way she had that power. It was a mothers love to do her best for her child, and she knew that and she used it and abused it.

I have had many conversations with Lisa and she still feels that Candy loved her but she never felt that Lucy cared. How can that be? How can a mother not feel love from her own child? She carried that child in her womb, loved her and cared for her for all those years and yet she never felt love from her?

This is a very sad situation for all concerned. I am a strong advocate of helping people through crisis and turning their lives around and I wish that I could help this family to regain what they had just that short while ago. I feel the desperation in Lisa to have her children around her at this time when she desperately needs them and their love and support, but I also feel that rejection in her. She is desolate.

To Lisa. I am here for you my friend. I feel your hurt and I feel your pain and I wish I could ease it for you but we both know that I cannot. You have my blessing. May God have Mercy upon your soul.

To her children. I am sorry for whatever self-righteousness you feel but your indignation does not become you. You have a mother who loves you and cares for you and is giving her life for you. Your behaviour is shameful and may you bow your heads in front of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Until next time people, look after each other. One of us wont be here tomorrow. God bless x


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