The Non-Existent love of a daughter.

And there it is!

So if you have been reading this blog and following whats been going on then you will know that Lisa feels Lucie doesn’t care about her. Lisa had a full mental breakdown in October 2018 due to the actions of her elder daughter Candy and when she was at her very lowest Lucie left her. Lisa struggled to get herself together and fought for her life but neither of her daughters gave a shit basically.

Lisa wrote a blog a day or two ago about the many suicide attempts she has had and mentioned that Lucie had been contacted on one of them. This was her reply.

So please people, if Lisa confides in you or speaks to you at any time – lets not tell her that her daughters will be devastated when she is dead. The Doctors have already told the daughters that without their support their mother will not survive and they have chosen not to support her.

That is their choice and theirs alone. I know my thoughts about them and I am sure many people echo those thoughts. Support Lisa in her campaign #nameandshame. Both of these girls are adults and old enough to take responsibility for their actions.

Your support is truly wonderful. We are just about to hit 1000 followers on this site alone so thankyou thankyou thankyou.

Until next time people, look after each other. One of us wont be here tomorrow. God bless x


Sorry I am not good at this blogging thing.

This is Lucie’s old twitter account. Just look at the hypocrisy.

She since changed her twitter account so that her mother couldn’t find her – or so she thought!

I also want to inform Lisa’s supporters that whilst her mother was going through this hell on earth, Lucie’s friend had just taken an overdose and had been in hospital and Lucie was stating in her tweets and her facebook about how everybody has to help mental health.

Message for you Lucie – what about your mother?

And another message for you Lucie – learn to cross the street fairly quickly in my town. People like you disgust me.


5 thoughts on “The Non-Existent love of a daughter.

  1. This is considerably sick. I cannot believe what I am reading. Where is Lisa? Is she ok? Tell her she is in my prayers. She does not need to be around negative people like that daughter or no daughter. I am glad she has you as a friend.

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  2. Lisa hasn’t been in contact for a couple of days. She had an episode last weekend I think and she couldn’t recover from it. We are not friends really. I met her twice, maybe three times but I was touched by her. She gave me access to her files as I have a contact in the press and if anything happens to her then the whole lot goes to him although I think she may have a local paper covering the story now. BUT thankyou for your comments and I agree with you. The way these children treat their mother is appalling and disgusting and sickening. Adults in age but children in maturity very clearly.

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    1. Lucie is blind from birth and was brought up sunglehandledly by her mother which makes her actions even more despicable. I have no words for how disgusting I find this behaviour.


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