Anyone know anything?

So its been a long day today and I have just come home after a double shift. I know its nothing compared to what some people do in a day but I find it both mentally and physically exhausting.

I have not given much thought to the blog today but I will get some content on here before the day is over – that was my bond that I gave to Lisa.

Speaking of Lisa I still have no word from her. The email from this site is switched off as is her personal email and her phone clicks into answerphone so I have not been able to speak with her. She isn’t even replying to her messages which is unusual but I know she has gone into a very dark place due to the time of year.

I have put a call out through her lawyers and hope to hear something soon but I will stay with you and hopefully will load this site the way she would want it done.

More than ever though I need to ask you to continue to show support, to share and blog about this site. Put it on your facebooks and your twitters and whatever else you have. The statistics show on average of 300+ visitors a day over the last few days and I think it was over 400 yesterday so please keep pushing the site. It is showing as almost 2000 visitors since its launch and that is just amazing but when someone has been shit upon in the most magnificent way that Lisa’s children have done to her, when they no longer have any reason to live and the black cloud hits them as hard as it has hit her then that is the time that we need to show her our love.

750 odd likes on the pages on the blog, 2000 visitors and I have lost track of the followers but its close to 1000 on here and twitter is around 900 I think with instagram reaching 400? That is a lot of people …. we can’t all be wrong.

US the people have to win, for her, for Lisa to show her she is worth it, to show her that they are wrong, they are the bad people here, she doesn’t deserve what they have done to her. No one deserves it.

Stay with me people and show your support.

Until next time people, look after each other. One of us wont be here tomorrow. God bless x


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