So Sorry …

Sorry readers, I said I would be here and then I got interrupted by family of all things! You would think they would know by now that I don’t have time for them wouldn’t you?

I jest … I am not a heartless bitch and I always have time for those that care about me so Lisa’s blog had to be put on hold for a little bit. I hope you will all forgive me.

So whats news …

I don’t know a lot really. I have access to Lisa’s files and her emails are filtered so that I can help her with paperwork so I know a little.

Just in case anyone is trying to get hold of Lisa on the Ambers Place email, it has a bouncer on it so no email is getting through. Legal advice as we know that Candi has access to it. You will have to use her personal email at yandex to send anything through to her.

The new solicitors are in place and it looks like they are going to stamp all over this. There is a big thing going on with copyright law so I will try to bring you some information on that if I can this week.

The Journalist has had access to the files all week and is now waiting on an interview with Lisa, who you may see is still absent. I think she more or less wrote the article for him but I haven’t seen it yet. He has said he will try to contact both Lisa and Candi this week for an interview, but has a list of other people he is planning on contacting for comments. It wont be me, I wasn’t there and I’m not important enough haha.

The site has seen a big growth in support, even though it has been neglected. I noticed earlier it had 2,500 hits or thereabouts. That is just amazing. Average time spent on the site and the clicks through to the pages suggests that people are reading the content and not just flicking off so that is brilliant as well. That is what Lisa wanted.

We have also been contacted by a psychology student who is studying bi-polar and says the behaviour pattern is consistent with some types of bi-polar and considering Candi’s nan’s comments and Sam’s comments who both knew her fairly well it may be worth considering. I am hoping to bring you a blog on what she has said sometime this week.

Lisa has always maintained that Candi is not evil and saw some good in her. Personally from my reading I think Candi needs to be punished for what she has done to people, prison maybe. Lisa has only ever wanted to help her so this theory intrigues me. Either way someone has to do something as it is very clear to most of us that she has her next target in play.

It begs the question of how many more allegations before the police actually put her in prison. There is a big movement about it at the moment and young girls are being prosecuted for their malicious lies. If she needs help then I hope this site brings that for her, but if she is evil then lock her up I say.

No excuses …

There is still absolutely no excuse for what she has put Lisa through, and no excuse for Lucie either. Having read some of the journals and the notes of the last year it absolutely breaks my heart to see what this wonderful woman has been through. It takes someone special to take on someone else’s child who is known to have issues and love and care for them and bring them up as your own. Even now Lisa is being turned away from the support communities because they can’t understand her loyalty to this girl. There is so much heart there, so much love there and both of these girls have thrown it back at her. I know that most people feel the same as I do, I have received the messages.

I am sorry if you have commented on the posts and they have not been approved. I thank you all for your support but this isn’t a witch hunt and the threats towards both Candi and Lucie will not be published. We cannot condone any threats or violence. Our aim is to provide support for Lisa, and Justice for Lisa and if needed to get help for Candi.

Fact and Opinions …

I must also remind you that this site has only two types of information that it brings you.

  1. FACT: and that is where evidence is shown or what is being said is a matter of record.
  2. OPINION: for example the bias of the police is opinion and has not yet been proved to be a fact.

Goodnight and Godbless

There is probably a lot more happened in the last few days than I can recall at this time, but it really is time to let the dogs out for their last toilet of the night and wish you all goodnight and godbless. May Lisa be in all your prayers tonight wherever she may be. May our prayers, our love, our support and our friendship bring her comfort in this season of trauma in her life, and keep her safe.

Until next time people, look after each other. One of us wont be here tomorrow. God bless x


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