The lies …

Many of you will have seen throughout this site that Candi perpetually lies but not only does she perpetually lie she perpetually gets caught out as well.

In her statements to the police she often refers to the new business that Lisa started, claiming that she knew of it but never once let on that she was actually part of the planning in it. It was all kept quiet because Lucie owned a share of the stock from the old business and Candi didn’t want Lee to know she was leaving him but now its time to tell the truth.

Below are some of the texts between Lisa and Candi and you will see the planning of the business, how Candi wanted it to run, and the shoots they were going to offer.

You will also see that Candi was going to talk Lucie into selling her share of the old company at a low price to make sure she had nothing to do with it and how she was planning on leaving Lee behind. Texting behind his back asking for different numbers so she could continue to talk to Lisa.

Now if thats not a manipulative little crook then I’m worried when I do meet one …

Until next time people, look after each other. One of us wont be here tomorrow. God bless x


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