Unanswered Questions …

We have seen throughout this site, and certainly read from Lisa’s accounts that Candi had a switch in her which seemed to give her a propensity to aggression and sometimes violence. Is it at all possible to piece together what happened here or shall we just ask the questions?

Above and below is the statement that Lucie, who was the only other person in the house, gave to the Police.

Why would Lisa encourage the relationship if she didn’t like the fact that they were in a relationship. This makes no sense at all.

Why would Lisa shout “she’s not your daughter” unless she was protecting Lucie as she claims in her statement.

It is noted that Candi left, but in other statements of Candi’s she has said she was removed by police intervention. There is no record of any police intervention so we must believe Lucie’s record of accounts.

Lucie’s account is also the same as Lisa’s when it says about only wearing a towel as she had just come out of the shower. Lucie mentions the phone calls to Lee which Lisa claims she made as she was worried about Candi’s state of mind.

Lucie also confirms that an ambulance attended for her, that her and Lucie went out to try to find Candi and that the police only arrived later on to arrest her.

Lisa’s custody records show an injury to the kidney area and there is also a report of the attack on her by Candi.

Are we really to believe the allegations made by Candi when the only eye witness corroborates everything Lisa has said?

We are rapidly discovering a strong theme running throughout all of this, and on reading the evidence, in my opinion, Candi is an outright liar who is telling tales to get attention.

Until next time people, look after each other. One of us wont be here tomorrow. God bless x


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