Quick Update

This will be very quick as i’m Just responding to the amount of messages today. I will answer everyone tomorrow.

I’ve spoken to Lisa tonight who is hanging on by a thread. That witch (being polite) and her latest trick is taking it out of her, even the police could see it last night. I have never heard of walking down the road with the police chatting and being free in police cars without having to have an officer. The police were incredibly nice to her and it seems the custody sergeant refused to allow her in the station and claimed it as an unlawful detention.

Finally the police are seeing this is just beyond pathetic now. Finally police who do their job!

Anyway, to my knowledge and the records I’ve seen this is the fourth time the Witch has tried to claim breach of restraining order and no doubt this will be the fourth time it will be proven as a lie.

The police were good enough to write the details down for Lisa last night which makes some things very very easy to prove. It also helps when someone says oh yes I called the c^^t.

So Candi has put Lisa another step towards the grave, all being recorded ready for the campaign when Lisa does die … Candi is making a whole lot of enemies right now!

I appreciate all your comments and understand how you feel but this is a public forum and neither Lisa or I can encourage you to do anything or give you the information you ask for.

Lisa was too weak to speak for long tonight but I will try to speak to her tomorrow and bring you the whole story. Until then let’s hope the Witch chokes on her guilt tonight.

Until next time people, look after each other. One of us wont be here tomorrow. God bless x


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