Arrested: the full story

Regular readers will know by now that Candi likes to grass. From the girl who stole from Asda every week to brown-nosing the local constabulary but then she seems to have always been from one side to the other. Her issue is that you are meant to tell the truth when you grass and she has an issue with the truth!

Last Friday night, Lisa was arrested again! The allegation is again breach of restraining order. Now lets get this straight. 1st alleged breach was serving court papers and the police told Candi to FCUK off in no uncertain terms as the law says you can serve papers. This allegation was found in police records. 2nd alleged breach was when she was served medical papers which clearly said it was her fault I was ill so she said it was breach, except that she was served them by court order so again the police said no. 3rd alleged breach was the facebook thing which actually she was breaking the law by displaying the images and it’s already on this site and she will have to go to court on that one.

This time she says she was contacted by phone, but Lisa has a record on her phone of who she has contacted and who she hasn’t, not only that but the person who called her has since come forward and said they called her. She knew full well it wasn’t Lisa as there was a conversation and the person speaking was Scottish, and is actually known to the police, and will make a statement. Candi has also claimed emails – well that would be the reporters trying to get an interview, and she claimed WhatsApp but again this is easily proveable. So yet again she is lying and the police seem to be fully aware of it.

So Lisa has reported that the police who arrested her were very nice and helped her to get dressed and get her crutches. They sent her in a car not in a van, no cuffs and even left her outside on her own as they know its just the routine they have to go through now. Lisa said she sat in the back on her own (normally has to have an officer with her) but they left her to it, it was like being in a taxi, windows open, air con on and good conversation.

When they got to the station one of the officers checked in whilst she waited in the fresh air, and then he came back and said no. Custody has refused your detention on the grounds of your medical health and this is not a lawful detention (they have quite a few medical records and doctors letters on Lisa already on the system) so they turned around, back in the car and drove her back again.

On the way there was a car crash which the officers had to stop the traffic for so Lisa and an officer sat chatting whilst the other officer directed traffic. Apparently they was laughing at him being a typical man! But she reports that both Officers were nice, polite, friendly and helpful.

We do all know however that this stress is making Lisa’s health worse and that Candi has been served a Doctors letter to say that it is her fault Lisa is ill and deteriorating so well done to Candi, that’s another nail in the coffin.

Doesn’t it just show you what an absolute bitch she is.

Lisa: You have so much love and support around you and we know it can never be enough after what she has put you through but her time is coming.

Please please please share the blog and the posts so that she is recognised in public. She needs a sign around her neck. I will find some photos of her so she can be seen and put them on a blog somewhere.

Until next time people, look after each other. One of us wont be here tomorrow. God bless x


7 thoughts on “Arrested: the full story

  1. So the police have seen straight through her now? Are they going to do anything about it? This woman must be really ill if the police can’t hold her. Will she be ok? Sending good vibes and hugs.

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  2. I can only report what I am told as I have no dealings with the police. Lisa says they have said they have had enough of her. They say this has been going on for a year now and she is tripping herself up and needs to grow up before she is in big trouble. Lisa said she had a good chat with the officers last week and although they have to do their job they are moaning about waste of resources with her games. Who knows what happens next I certainly have no clue. My limit is on here I’m afraid.
    I don’t know the full history of Lisa’s health and it wouldn’t be right to put it here but she is not a well person at all. The police cannot deal with her physical health issues as she is too high risk to have in the station under their duty of care so they would have to maintain her in hospital but the law says she doesn’t have to consent to medical treatment and she has full mental capacity to say no. She has refused all treatment and is dying anyway so won’t go to hospital. She spends most of her days in bed in the flat. It is a very sad situation and brought on and made worse by her daughter.
    I do believe there is a proactive organisation who are banding together though for something to do with her daughter but again I don’t know details.
    Thanks for your support. I’ve seen you on here a lot. God bless, Sallyann

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  3. I am sorry Lisa is not well. Can I ask is it serious? As in terminal? Or something she will recover from?
    I’ve just seen the pictures you put up and can find them both on all sorts of social media now so I’ll share it out on mine. 5000 in the first month would be bloody amazing. Well done Sallyann for stepping into the breech.

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