Just Overwhelmed

The support on this site has gone beyond what I could imagine. However I have been reading the Twitter posts and it seems its a very emotive topic right about now. I have no idea why people need to make false allegations and destroy other people but it seems they do. In this case Candi not only made the allegations, she actively destroyed people and in particular Lisa. It seems from the reports that I have read, that Candi had been doing this for years which is symptomatic of narcissism but Lisa refuses to see her as a narcissist. I’ll reserve judgement for now and just ask that people give Lisa (and anyone else in this position) as much support as possible.

Anyway last night I was asked for the stats that I can see as an admin on this site so here they are correct as we publish tonight. (5th Nov)

5112 hits on the site

2064 likes on the site

89 comments on the site

1618 followers on the site (email and wordpress)

1549 followers on Twitter

571 followers on Insta

Other than Thankyou I don’t know what to say. There is a group in Bordon which is apparently quite near who are military based and they have pledged their support in many ways so to #fsmilitary we are indebted. Their support alone has raised our publicity by almost 1000 today and they are printing posters and all sorts of things so fantastic guys.





And many more (I will add them when I remember them all) Please show your support to them as well. Don’t let the accusers get away with it.

Until next time people, look after each other. One of us wont be here tomorrow. God bless x


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