Different sort of police …

So today has been another day fraught with the trials and tribulations of dealing with British Police.

Due to the situations with Candi, Lisa is meant to have an urgent response marker on her wherever she is staying. She is considered to be of poor health, and vulnerable and having already had quite a few incidents where she has been labelled as a victim of Candi’s games she is meant to be on an immediate response alert.

Today finds Lisa in the situation of being alone with a man she didn’t know who appeared to be high as a kite and refusing to leave. He wanted drugs and alcohol. He targeted Lisa due to the medications and it is now clear that he is addicted to prescription medications.

Police were called time and time again and yet did not respond. They knew who the man was and were not allowed to approach him without a taser unit for their own safety!

What can I say to that?

Have to be a little vague on this post for various reasons but whoever heard of leaving a vulnerable woman to fend for herself at the hands of someone they know to be dangerous, whilst they get their tasers in line!

Until next time people, look after each other. One of us won’t be here tomorrow! God bless x


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