War or Peace

Probably not my place but I had to do something – so this is the email I sent to Candi yesterday morning in the hope that she would think about her actions and how she is going to feel when she doesn’t get that chance to put it right.

I am probably the only person who is give you the time of day right now.  Your mother tells me you are not as evil as everyone thinks you are and she is adamant that you are struggling with what is going on.  For that reason, I am going to try to give you a little credit and some perspective.  Lisa doesn’t have a clue I am contacting you and would not speak to me again if she thought I had so this has to stay between us.

I don’t know you or your side of things but I have seen the amount of lies you have told.  I have seen photographs, facebooks, letters, messages and things that just don’t lie.  I also read your statements where you say you was heartbroken to think Lisa was dead.  Now you wont like this but she is about to be dead whether you have her arrested or not.  You have little choice in that but what you can choose is how you say your final goodbyes to her.  By knowing that you was the reason it came so soon or by being at peace.  I can’t decide that but you can.

I know you don’t know who to believe about anything but my advice is look at the facts.  Lisa has been arrested 3 times and let go on medical grounds.  Her condition is so severe they cannot detain her in the cells.  Ask the police directly, hear it from them and then decide if I am lying.  Lisa has provided two unredacted medical notes to courts both of which state she is not fit to be in court but also that her health concerns are due to you and your sister.  You asked the police to confirm they were written by the medical professionals and it was confirmed so you know I am not lying. When you had her arrested for the suicide note you knew it was a real note and not to upset you, she was arrested with the pills.  It’s all in the police reports so check it out and you know I am not lying.  She was then rushed to hospital and again its in the police reports.  She spent two nights in hospital and again its in the police reports so ask for the reports.  When she was given bail she didn’t refuse the tag she was unconscious and there is a letter on file with the police report from the tag company that says that.  Ask the police for it.  Lisa has copies of it all but if you get it direct from the police then you know its genuine.

You are about to be served with another GP report and a psychiatrist report which both blame you for Lisa’s health.  PPG Solicitors commissioned it for the hearing in December and its all going before the courts but this is a public hearing so it will all go public.  I can’t show you that yet but you will be questioned on it in court.

Let’s just look at court for a minute.  If Lisa wins her cases against you, money you cant pay what you don’t have but the contempt of court can put you in prison.  If she gets the injunctions that’s you, Lee and possibly Lucie totally up the river without a paddle.  That’s DBS, social services, police and the world knowing about it.  You may think you have a good case but she has a lot of evidence against you and the fact that she has medical records stating her health has been affected by you doesn’t help.  This hearing in December could be a big problem for you over these photographs.  You will be cross examined and I think we both know you lied.  It has gone to crown so you can be Cross examined and you choose whether you want to stick with your statement and take your chances or change your evidence and take your chances.  Again its not for me to say.

What I am saying is that is this really the way you want things to be?  Norman has told Lisa he is going to kidnap Hailey and won’t return her until you go home and it’s all sorted.  Lisa reported it to her probation worker which is why Norman is looking for her.  It means his money has stopped and the private health care she was getting has stopped.  I am sure you know Lisa well enough to know that she wouldn’t have a kid hurt.  She is now at risk because she was trying to protect this child, and the thanks she got was arrested, or not as the case may be.

I can’t say anymore than stop and think.  You have a lot of people who want to hurt you right now, not just you but Lee, Lucie and Hailey.  Lisa cant stop them and why would she when you are behaving the way you are.  I wont stop them, personally I think you deserve it and a lot more. Even the police can’t stop them some of these are lifetime criminals who think nothing of knives and guns.  I hear one group has requested a tracker on you so unless you reinvent yourself you will never be free, but for Lisa’s sake I am asking you to stop and think about what you are doing.  You know Lisa better than anyone.  You know what she gave up for you and what she did for you. You will never get that again. Is this the way you want it to be.

There is no, in a years time, in 6 months time.  It has been too long and you have caused a lot of damage with very little time to put it right.  We both know what I am saying.  If you want the fight the people will bring you the fight and as the blog said, once Norman has done whatever he intends or once Lisa has taken her last breath or once the court cases are decided there is nothing anyone can do.  

Lisa and You together are the only ones who can agree this.  You have her arrested at every stop so she wont reach out again.  It’s your turn if you want to to put a stop to it.  Take your chances or spend the rest of your life like this.  You have seen how useless the police are at protection, there are people watching you night and day and the police can’t even identify them.

One last thing, you know I am telling the truth about Lisa medically but do check it out for yourself.  Please do not be so stupid as to think this will go away when she passes.  At that point the other half of the country will hate you too and I will publish this.

You now have my email if you want to talk to me but I will not be a go between for you.  All I can do is hold publishing for a day or two.  The final edit is in on the paper piece and Lisa has to sign if off so it’s in by close of business tomorrow.  That will go online and in every shop in your local area.  Is that what you want? Your name and face across the front page through Sussex and Hampshire?

I don’t know what can be done you have got yourself in this so deep but I know that only by you and Lisa standing together do either of you stand a chance.  You owe her that but you also owe it to yourself.

24 hours, lunchtime tomorrow and if I hear nothing then I presume the war continues. 

Until next time people, look after each other. One of us wont be here tomorrow. God bless x


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