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9th July 2006

Candi’s 14th Birthday

12th July 2006

This is the date that Candi skipped school and called me to say she was being sexually abused.

JULY 2006 – Candi formally complained to Chichester Social Services that she had been subject to sexual abuse by her birth father since approximately the age of 3 or 4, and that her mother had been aware of it. Full investigations provided no evidence of this.

She also claimed that she had been neglected, physically abused and had turned to alcohol and underage prostitution to finance the alcohol required to blank out the abuse by her father. There was no evidence of this.

2007/8 – Manhood Community College

Candi claimed she was being bullied at school by the teachers. This was investigated and although it could not be proved, the school attempted to work with her by providing counselling which she refused to go to.

In 2008/9 Candi began spending time with an autistic lad from her course at Chichester College. Daniel and Candi became boyfriend and girlfriend however after a month or so Candi reported Daniel to college for sexual harassment stating that he was pressurising her into having sex. College attempted to change their courses and their classes and offered counselling which was refused.

2009 – First Steps Chichester

Candi had spent a little time in the college childcare facility as part of her childcare course. She reported back to Chichester College staff a safeguarding concern that the staff were threatening and abusing the children.

2009 – Neighbours

Candi caused an issue with the neighbours who reported us to the housing association several times. The argument became so intense that Candi and I were forced to attend mediation before legal action was taken.

2010 – Best Friend

Candi had become very close to her best friends’ baby but she didn’t agree with the way the baby was cared for so reported Sharne to Social Services for neglecting the child.

In 2010 Candi took Jessica’s boyfriend away from her. After a few months she reported him to Chichester Police for Sexual Assault. Samuel was 15 years old, she was 17. She claimed distress due to being a virgin and he was arrested. On his release the following day he left her standing at the police station – she was waiting for him. They ran away together about 2 weeks after his release and got engaged. She made him become estranged from his family and friends and then finished with him. Samuel was never charged.

2011 – Dance Students

Candi lost control of two students, Millie and Abbie, and they left the group. She reported their parents to Social Services for neglect and abuse.

In 2012 the dance group performed in the Meridian Shopping Centre in Havant once a month. Ricky was a security guard in his 50’s who would ensure the group was safe. Candi began sending him intimate pictures and he responded in kind. She flirted with him promising him sex at the house which I refused to allow him to come to. He asked her to meet for coffee which she did, after which she reported him to his manager for sexual assault. Ricky lost his job, his wife and child and his home but she continued to message him. There was never any evidence, and the investigation found Candi had been encouraging interaction between them but the damage had been done.

2012 – Lakeside Holiday Park

Candi had qualified as a lifeguard and got a job. Within 2 weeks she accused the manager of breaching health & safety, and safeguarding. After meetings to resolve the issue she was asked to leave the premises as no basis had been found for her complaints.

2012 – Dance Students

Shane and Georgina, Lily, Marnie, Shannon … she reported them all. We became very involved with Shane, Georgina and Marnie who worked with Candi to give statements and stayed at our house, providing them with a place of safety agreed by social services and the police. They all returned to their parents of their own choosing. Once they had returned home Candi continued to report and harass them, making up false facebook accounts to stop their contact with their families.

Later in 2012 the next boyfriend came along – Luke. He managed roughly two months before she screamed sexual assault at him. He was lucky. After she had told all his family and friends he told her he didn’t want to be around her anymore and refused all contact. He said she was wrong in the head and not safe to be around. He had been a dancer and ended up in court for breach of contract but he blocked her out of his life.

2013 – Dad again!!!

Candi had resumed contact with her parents, and had used them to get financial assistance and to help with the dance group. Late in 2013 she was awarded the people’s choice for young woman of the year, overcoming abuse and working with SEN children. This was reported in the local papers stating she was a victim of sexual abuse and Martyn saw it and complained to the PCC. Due to this she asserted the allegations again. When she had no support she asked family to become involved to support her but they wouldn’t as it had never been proven. She broke all ties again.

16th August 2014

This is the date we moved to a new county to begin life again.

2015 – Neighbours

Candi began an all out war with the neighbours over a car parking space. This got so fraught and heated and went on for a couple of months. She would regularly be aggressive to the daughter who had a mental health illness and police were involved on several occasions.

2015 – Friends

As a family we made friends with a local family who had a SEN child. The family broke up and she took the side of the dad, causing arguments and reporting the mother to social services for neglect and abuse of the child.

2016 – Ash Manor School

Candi made a formal complaint to the LADO and to Surrey County Council about a teacher and the headteacher at the school where she was supporting Lucie. She claimed safeguarding, discrimination, health & safety and bullying by these two members of staff.

January 2018 – Pure spite and Jealousy

A man friend, Steve, was visiting from France and Candi, at Candi’s invitation. He and I had history and Candi became jealous that it was an area of my life she hadn’t been able to control. She became violent and aggressive towards him.

July 2018 – Orchard Preschool

Candi had been working for Sam, a close friend of ours. At the end of her contract she reported Sam, and several other members of staff for child abuse and neglect, in particular of one SEN child which had been her keychild. LADO and Surrey County Council found the allegations were unfounded.

17th October 2018

The day Candi chose to pick a fight with me and accused me of ABH. I was arrested and reported my injuries within my interview. I also declined to press charges.

Candi also accused me of being in a consenting sexual relationship with her from the ages of 13 to 21. She was very explicit in her claims speaking of both vaginal and anal penetration which she advised that she consented to. She also advised she had carried out the same acts on me, also by mutual consent. These allegations were made during a police interview. At this time Candi was 26 years old.

This allegation has now changed to sexual abuse between the ages of 14 and 17 and an abusive relationship until the time she left home within her various statements.

28th October 2019

I suffered a mental breakdown and tried to end my life. I was picked up by the Police and given help. Lucie chose not to support me and left home.

6th January 2019

Candi told me she was being forced into a sexual relationship with Lee. If she didn’t have sex with him then she would lose his friendship and his support.

10th January 2019

Candi and I began rebuilding our relationship on a trip to Cornwall.

13th January 2019

Candi persuaded me to attempt suicide. She begged me to kidnap her and get her away from Lee and when I wouldn’t she told me she couldn’t cope with what she had done to me and couldn’t see anyway out other than if I was dead.

14th January 2019

Candi planned my funeral

15th January 2019

We returned from Cornwall and she told me she loved me and she would text me when she got home. I later found out Lee had been waiting for her and all the promises she had made were dropped.

16th February 2019

I was arrested for a suicide letter I sent Candi.

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