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OMG! & Phew!

I have finally got the whole story written up now. That was a marathon task but it had to be done! Please drop by and have an afternoon read! Plenty still to be added, images, posts and evidence ... and when you finish that you can always read what happened next! It's like … Continue reading OMG! & Phew!

Allegations can kill I have just seen an online article in the Telegraph about someone who killed himself due to being accused of a sexual offence. In this case the charges were dropped as the 'victim' withdrew her statement, but the allegation and accusation were too much for him to cope with. I totally know how … Continue reading Allegations can kill

What do you get for Perjury these days?

I am still working hard to bring you all the evidence before I leave you. Fresh in my mind is the situation regarding possible breach of a restraining order. So in my opinion, a trap was laid for me to write on Candi's facebook page - it was my photographs which she had stolen … Continue reading What do you get for Perjury these days?

One rule for her and one rule for me … or are there secret aliens eating the police force?

This is part of my complaint against Sussex Police for not investigating my complaints and the clear bias that is evident against me. This shows they investigated me but refused to investigate her for the same matter. After being investigated for harassment for serving papers as directed by the court - I made a formal … Continue reading One rule for her and one rule for me … or are there secret aliens eating the police force?

The Sexual Allegations …

Her parents were destroyed. Their marriage broke down, they left their house and seperated permanently. Candi brought the allegations back in 2013 when she won woman of the year award and it was printed in the Chichester Observer. 289 7979 This happens more often than you imagine. Click on the link to see other … Continue reading The Sexual Allegations …

Is THIS where her life is going?

I saw this article today and it worried me. This lady has been sent to Prison for 10 years for making false allegations. There is no denying there is a similarities or the patterns in play here. Lady Justice Hallett told the Old Bailey: "This case went far further then myths and stereotypes about … Continue reading Is THIS where her life is going?