You will have seen throughout this site that both Candi and Lucie have appeared to be desperate for their property. Every single item is still in my house. I had their rooms cleaned, their beds made, their washing done and that’s the way it remains even though no one ever ventures there.

Their whole lives are in that house.

For Candi, the last few remaining things she has of her birth family. Some photos that her grandparents gave her, the monkey she used to have in her cot with her as a baby that stayed with her throughout her life, her silver keys for 16, 18 and 21. All her make-up, her jewellery including jewellery that was specially engraved for her. Her collectors items from those concerts she will never go to again. 26 years worth of belongings but also 26 years worth of memories.

For Lucie, she has everything she has ever owned in the house but she also has all her braille books, her braille equipment, and all her accessibility equipment. She was very attached to the Brownie Unit she worked with, in fact Candi said she cried when she had to ring and tell them she was leaving. Lucie doesn’t get emotional, she doesn’t cry so that must have upset her deeply.

They were both being advised by people, mainly Sally who was in the middle of it all shit-stirring. I mean what respectable adult calls a child’s mother a c**t as can be seen in the texts. Its also clear that Sally was instrumental in keeping Lucie away from me. Candi said that Sally stole a load of money out of the house but also that Lucie was giving her money all the time and Sally was just in there to stir the shit and get the money. Its more than likely, quite a few people have said the same thing – people that have known Sally for years.

i thought more of Lucie. I thought she had a brain and was able to think for herself but clearly I was wrong. Her tutors said she was being manipulated by Candi and made sure the Local Authority kept Candi out of Lucie’s education in the end.

Whatever way you look at it Candi broke the whole family. Whilst she absolutely destroyed me, she broke the family that we had.

A year down the line it is now evident that Sally didn’t have a clue what she was talking about and her advice to Lucie came out her backside, but she is still there meddling in things that don’t concern her. She is no one and nothing and she doesn’t concern me. She will get what she deserves.

As for the girls – well I have offered them mediation time and time again. The court agreed to mediation but they chose not to. I can force the them into ADR but there doesn’t seem a point to it anymore.

What will happen to the girls?

Lucie – well who knows what she will do with her life. Garry isn’t interested in her. Social Services asked him to help her and offered to house them, in fact I said he could have my house and I would move out so he could care for his daughter but he said no. He said he would rather she go into foster care but she got away with a refuge as she was close to 18 and Candi said she would keep an eye on her. I offered Candi the house to live with Lucie but she also turned it down, in fact the council offered them a place together but she said no. She didn’t want to live with Lucie either. After all was said and done, they had all brainwashed her into being away from me and I was the only one who actually wanted to spend time with her.

Candi – she will plod by in life going from one victim to the next until someone puts a stop to it. That may be me – I have her on 4 counts of making false statements in court documents, plus 3 counts of disobeying a court order and 1 count of dishonesty in the face of the court. If the judge is in a bad mood that could see her in a prison sentence. Maybe thats why she wants me dead. I can’t give evidence if I am dead.

Amber is coming back. The courts have ordered it once, and whilst they listened to her stories in court I have now put in the evidence to show she was lying. Regardless of that she ignored the court orders. Amber isn’t hers and if I live she will be with me. In honesty, if I’m not going to be here then Amber will be looked after with her but Lee is a different story.

I have changed my will. Neither Candi or Lucie get anything any more. If this was done to get the house and the money then they no longer get a single thing. Even Amber, if she is home with me when I die she does not go back to Candi. The girls might know I still have access to all their property but if I die that access dies with me and they lose everything for good. I might be a softie but others see straight through them and have no heart and no feelings. I protect them everyday, I stand by them everyday but at some point that has to end. With me goes everything. They lose not only the possibility of having their mother in their lives but also the possibility of retrieving anything of their lives until a year ago.

Will I fight her and see her destroyed?

Thats what people want. Fight it and fight it and fight it. Everyone knows I will win the money and she will beholden to me for a long time to come. Everyone knows I will win Amber back and Phoenix. Yes I want my animals – I want Charlie as well but that’s not going to happen now. Everyone knows I will win the business cases and have a business to pick up and run with…. and with the breach of a non-molestation order against her, thats a criminal record. Both the non-molestation order and a harassment injunction will show on an enhanced DBS so her future prospects don’t look too good. Social Services are already involved in all of this. If I carry on then her life is just as destroyed as she has made mine. The difference is that my name will be cleared, I will have my pets and the business, and those are the basic elements to survive, and my human rights to defend whats mine.

Do I want to destroy my daughter and the rest of her life? no of course I don’t but thats possibly what she is counting on. This is mum, she’s a soft touch and she wont go through with it. There comes a time in life and in being a parent when its tough love and if the only way I can make her face her actions and get some help is this – then thats what I have to do.

I survived when I found out my baby would never see. I didn’t think there could ever be anything worse until Candi done this to me. This is far far far worse.

I survived two months in prison. I survived Halloween, Christmas, New Year, my daughters 18th, sat alone in my house without a single word or text from anyone..

I can do and will do what I have to do.

I already know the outcome.

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