See the evidence, excerpts, and statements …

The police aren’t interested … but are you?

She told everyone about her father – for many years!

Candi accuses her father AGAIN ….. why? because this report came out in the local papers and she needed to get people to support her. Would they? No – because it had already been investigated by social services several times and no evidence had ever been found. Her SAR from social services identified that there was no evidence so she faked the reports to the local papers to prevent a retraction. That SAR is still in my loft as far as I know and I will produce it if I have to!

Sometimes no words are needed …

January 2019

admission of theft, unauthorised use of card, witness intimidation, and that the allegations were false!

The business she knew nothing about? …

March 2019

Candi had made a victim statement to the police which stated she had not been allowed to speak to vets about my dog and any treatment despite there being several messages both to Candi and to Lee which prove this is factually inaccurate.  Candi also stated to police that I was the reason her family were not speaking with her which effectively took away any support network despite the fact that she herself posted on her Facebook that she did not want contact with them several years ago. Further Candi stated that she was scared to go out or to speak to anyone and yet she started her own photography business using images she stole from me on 29.11.18 (reported to police at the time) and put her phone number out on Facebook and the internet so anyone could see it and contact her, and this ‘scared’ had not stopped her from trying to kick my front door down. It is very clear that this was a falsified statement but also very clear that she was attempting to follow the behaviour she had displayed so many times in the past.

March 2019

Lucie was interviewed to support Candi. In this interview Lucie claimed that a few days after leaving the home she transferred all her money to Candi despite Lucie’s bank statement showing that it was transferred the day after she left the house.  Lucie also claims I phoned her crying when I left custody, but my phone was retained by the Police.  She also claims I told her to phone Candi on a date when Lucie did not have Candi’s phone number as she had changed it, and Lucie’s own statement goes on to further say I got up and left the house on the day in question.  Lucie makes several false statements within the interview and again this statement is inconsistent with those made by Candi.

May 2019

The text that had me arrested for harassment and witness intimidation on a case that had been closed a month before!

Take a look at Candi’s statement where she reported me for a comment on facebook. Read her whole statement and see what I have to show!

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