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… This page provides details of the cases which are or have been in the courts and news bulletins of the cases.

8th October 2019 – Criminal Courts

PTPH at Portsmouth Court with yet another variation on the bail hearing and a variation on the restraining order hearing so that I can pursue the civil court action and comply with the court orders that I have to serve Candi. Pleased to announce that they agreed to me serving any papers necessary within the civil action by post, and have made a notion to include this on both the bail and the restraining order. They have also expedited the trial so we are not hanging around for months just waiting. Prosecution have decided they will be calling Candi which means I can prove her to be lying within her statement, and will be calling the officer so he can be questioned as to why he didn’t investigate. At least it has moved on a little!

8th October 2019 – Family Courts

I still haven’t had any response from Aldershot Justice Centre and still can’t get them to answer their phones so today I put in a formal complaint via the government website resolver, and emailed the local MP to advise of the struggle I am having and to ask for assistance. Considering this is a government measure for people who are being harassed or have been victims of domestic abuse or domestic violence I am pretty disgusted at the lack of follow up once you have that piece of paper in your hand.

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8th October – Civil Courts

Having not received a reply to any of my enquiries in September despite the service standard dictating 10 working days, and despite there being a complaint with resolver I contact the Parliamentary and Health Ombudsman and reported Worthing County Court. I also contact my local MP for assistance.

Mal Comms Conviction – Criminal Court

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Having been charged on the 16th February with witness intimidation, the CPS were unable to indict me in Crown Court. Eventually on 27th March 2019 I pleaded guilty to malicious communications by way of sending a suicide note and received a community order of 20 RAR days.

The Judge was fairly displeased with the whole process. His comments were that this should never have been in court, this was a family matter and there was clearly a lot more here than he was party to.

Case Closed.

3rd October 2019 – Family Courts

Having spent 2 days constantly phoning Aldershot County Court I am convinced that they have just set their phone to answerphone and aren’t taking calls. So I have emailed them again to ask for an update but considering they still haven’t bothered to answer my email from 13th September I am not expecting any miracles.

2nd October 2019 – Criminal Courts

So Portsmouth Crown Court heard the Bail Variation Application this morning. They decided they couldn’t decide and have stated I can continue with the application at the PTPH next week. This is a difficult question for the legal system – refusing to vary the bail means they are refusing my human rights and opening themselves up to serious consequences but it is Candi’s right to refuse contact, if indeed it is coming from Candi and not the CPS.

You can read this discussion on the blog here:

2nd October 2019 – Civil Courts

Finally managed to speak to Josh at Brighton County Court today. Lovely chap who tried his best to be helpful but actually had to admit he was confused by what had been going on with these cases. The best I got was this:

Regards the dog: Circuit Judge His/Her Honour Simpkiss (not sure which) has reviewed the appeal on the 12th September. Now if anyone has any idea – on a postcard! It was already reviewed by His Honour Judge Thorp on the 5th September so that was a waste of the Courts time, especially as he said the same thing. The order by District Judge Ellis was not clear and a transcript was needed. It was ordered on the 11th September following the previous appeal Judge making the same decision. FYI both the honourable Judges Simpkiss and Thorp are attached to Brighton County Court. but you may remember that the hearing was in Worthing County Court. So when ordering a transcript you order it from the court where the hearing took place (according to so I sent it to Worthing – who sent it to Brighton so it hasn’t been actioned yet. The application on the 13th September to have Candi struck out as a defendant due to contempt of court by not complying with the last 3 orders to file her defence – Civil Procedure Rules 3.4 (a) (b) and (c) received by Worthing County Court has also just been sent to Brighton instead of being dealt with. In fact anything I have asked Worthing County Court to do, including sending me copies of the documents on the file – Civil Procedure Rules 5.4 (b) has all just been totally ignored and sent to Brighton who should only really be dealing with the appeal. AND THATS JUST TO GET THE BLOODY DOG HOME AGAIN!!!!!

Regarding the harassment case, with the small claims and the contempt of court and the application to transfer and the emergency interim order for an injunction for protection and the appeal ….. poor Josh was exhausted trying to work out WTAF Worthing County Court had done over the dog so he has handed the file to someone else to sift through and try to find some answers!

And finally … the warrant for Candi’s arrest. It is not at Brighton County Court, has never shown to be at Brighton County Court and no one has the foggiest idea what Worthing County Court are talking about. But sweet little Josh has noted it down and will try to find out. Someone will call me back … maybe never!

No that wasn’t the end of it – I just had to do it didn’t I? I rang Worthing County Court and asked about the warrant for Candi’s arrest. NOW they say the never received it, and it should have gone to the police anyway and not them. After checking and rechecking the system I was assured it was still with Aldershot. Thats a totally different story to the one I was told two weeks ago but seeing as no one lets you have a copy of the records you can’t question anything. It’s just lucky I write everything down and record it all!

Anyway – you’re fairly safe for this post as Aldershot’s phone has been engaged all day. I rang them 57 times in all and not once was it not engaged. I still have no answer to the email I sent two weeks ago either so I will try to ring them again tomorrow.

Thats me signing off this thread for now – remember to have faith in out civil justice system (anyone want to tell me how to show sarcasm in my posts please?)

Non-Molestation Order – Family Court

Following my release from HMP, Candi was seen hanging around the house. The police advised me that this was false imprisonment due to the restraining order but took no action so with the help of NCDV I applied for a Non-Molestation Order against her. She was served the application by Mr Andrew Stoppard, the Worthing County Court Bailiff on 23rd May 2019.

At the hearing the court were informed by the usher that she was declining to attend on the basis that she had a restraining order against me. Based on the evidence in front of the Judge an order was made with several restrictions.

The order was breached when Candi was seen at my house. The police refused to act on the basis of no evidence. The order was further breached when Candi telephoned me using her own identified number. The police refused to act as there was no witness to say it was Candi using her own phone rather than allowing someone else to use it.

Following this I made an application to the Aldershot Court to enforce the order. This has been sent to Worthing County Court and is still pending.

Case ongoing

30th September 2019 – Civil Courts Round-Up

The Directions from Basingstoke County Court ordered that I had to file with them today. Still not heard anything from Worthing County Court so I have no idea whether this claim will be consolidated or whether I have to re-make the whole claim again. I decided to file an Application to the Judge asking for further directions. If they continue with this order of District Judge Ellis they are in breach of their own Civil Procedure Rules where they state to bring cases individually involving the same defendants is an abuse of the courts process but from where I am sitting that is exactly what they are telling me to do.

Also had to file the transcript from that same hearing for the appeal for the dog. However, as we know I don’t have it as Worthing County Court haven’t processed it yet, and I have filed an application to have Candi struck out but … oh wait … no they haven’t processed that yet either! So I done the same thing, I filed an application to the Judge to ask for directions.

Sent both applications to both Brighton County Court and Worthing County Court – surely someone will have to do something?

24th September 2019 – Civil Courts Round-Up

With deadlines looming fast I telephoned Brighton County Court again. They were unable to tell me too much as the file was with the judge, but they claim they are only dealing with the issues that have been brought in appeal. They advised me to put all the issues in an email – and so I did!

And being totally ignored by Worthing County Court, especially following the Guildford episode last week and the looming Basingstoke episode so I finally made a formal complaint against Worthing County Court. Apparently you have to go through a website called Resolver, and if there is no answer within 14 days they escalate it. Lets see what happens there …

20th September 2019 – Civil Courts Round-Up

Attended Guildford County Court for the hearing over the camera. This was the only defended hearing out of all of them, however it was only me that bothered to turn up.

It was the waste of time that I anticipated it would be – the Judge looked at the consolidation order and directed that the case be transferred to Worthing County Court to be consolidated with all the other matters and to be considered within the application for all matters to be transferred to Guildford.

Is it just me or are we just playing ping pong at the public’s expense?

18th September 2019 – Civil Courts Round-Up

7 days are over and no transcript has been received! I have waited patiently and Worthing County Court do not seem to have the decency to contact me so I sent them a concise email with a list of all the outstanding issues. I have no doubt this will be ignored just as everything else I have sent has been.

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