What came next …

When the Ambulance crew left, I tried to find Candi.  I called Lee several times as I was concerned about her, and he shared my concerns. He had not heard from her and had no knowledge of the argument.  He shared my opinion that this was due to her depression or mental health and that she needed to be found and given the appropriate professional help.  I phoned the people we knew in the local area who would be out and about to see if they had seen her and I telephoned the police and reported Candi as a missing person.  I advised the operator that there had been an argument and that I was concerned for Candi due to her medical condition and due to her mental health.  I was asked to send in a photograph and told that local officers would come and see me as soon as they could.

Six officers arrived several hours later and told me I was being arrested for ABH. I was not allowed to even make sure Lucie was ok, and was ushered out the house into a police van.

At the station, I complained of pain in the back in the kidney area as a direct result of the attack by Candi.  I was not seen by any medic regarding this, but the complaint was noted in the arrest record.

It was clear Candi was acting out at not getting her own way.

Candi had alleged that I punched her several times and slapped her round the face causing a scratch to her cheek, bruising to the eye and tenderness to her head.  Candi did not stop there with her allegations! She alleged that I was in a relationship with her from the age of 13 to 21, that she was my life partner! Since this date Candi has stated that I was her partner and not her mother, despite having been seen as her mother for over 12 years.  I was released without charge and without bail but advised that an investigation will take place, but this will not be a priority due to the historic nature of the case.  I was advised the Police had no safeguarding concerns regarding either a working capacity or in the care of Lucie.

I rang Garry who had not been contacted and was unaware of what had happened, despite the fact that I had requested the Police ensure Lucie was with him whilst I was in custody.  Lucie had been ‘cared’ for by Keller who is 17/18 and she didn’t know him, followed by his grandmother overnight who neither Lucie or I had met or spoken to previously.  Lucie had then been taken out of her own home to stay with Sally and her family.  I was told Candi had seen Lucie and agreed to this.

Candi phoned Lucie.  During that call Lucie asked whether Candi would be returning, and Candi said she would only return if I killed herself or went to prison.  She maintained that she would keep in contact with Lucie and would be there to support her.  Lucie told Candi she didn’t understand what had happened and Candi said she didn’t need to understand.  She began to ask Lucie about what she had told the Police in interview and Lucie explained that she hadn’t told the Police anything, she didn’t know anything.

Sally was very insistent that I should get angry for what Candi had done to her.  I felt she kept pushing for me to find Candi, but due to previous conversations that I had had with Candi I thought she would return home at some point sooner or later and did not want further trouble with the Police.  Sally told me I should find Candi and stab her for what she had done.  Sally explained to me that one of her children had made similar allegations at one stage and that she had almost killed them and kicked them out and had nothing to do with them.  Sally also explained that her son Keller (who had been left looking after Lucie) was ‘disturbed’ and that she couldn’t cope with him which is why he lived with and had been brought up by her mother.  I was very concerned that I was being pushed into actions against Candi and felt this was coming from Candi.  This seemed to be some sort of message to find Candi, but I couldn’t do that due to the Police investigation – Candi had to come to me if she needed help.

Lucie claimed she had seen it coming. Candi had been acting up and wanted her own way so she knew something was heading our way.

Due to the situation, I was unable to work and was signed off by the GP.  As the directors of the Company, Lucie and Candi were therefore responsible for running the business until I was able to return, however I was signed off until January.  Candi text Lucie and told her to close the business and told her what to say. Candi was aware that the business remained my sole income.  Understandably customers began messaging and Lucie looked to Candi for the support she had been promised.  Candi messaged customers and used Lucie’s name at the bottom of each message.  Candi had taken one of my laptops containing several client photographs awaiting editing, placing me in the position that I was unable to fulfil the contractual arrangements with clients as I no longer had the images.  Sally requested access to the company accounts including customer details and financial details.  She advised that she wanted to be instrumental in closing the company also being aware that it was my sole income.  I advised Sally that the closure of the company would need to be decided at a board of directors meeting which she would not be invited as she is not a director or a shareholder in the company, but merely a client.   Both Candi and Sally were instrumental in taking my income away so that I could not financially support Lucie or provide adequate housing.

No one was shocked except me. She had made so many allegations they took it in their stride.

I contacted various friends and family for support, for Lucie, Candi and for myself, and was very surprised at the reactions.  I was informed that Candi had been manipulating me for years and they all felt Candi was in need of professional help.  Sally continued passing on messages from Candi despite the fact that I requested not to be in contact as I felt Lucie was being put in a difficult position. 

Candi continued texting Lucie, but the texts did not always appear as though they were being sent by Candi and Lucie was worrying about her.  I was still in shock and distressed at the situation, and also worried about Candi and Lucie mentioned this to Candi.  Candi replied that I was clearly unstable and unfit to look after Lucie and that she would be reporting that to the Police.  Candi was sending Lucie screenshots of her own messages and telling Lucie that she was sending them to the Detective in charge of the case.  Lucie felt under threat from Candi and so called her father, Garry to support her in the house.  Candi continued to threaten Lucie with action from the Police and so I called the Detective – Matt Dennis as did Garry to assure them that Lucie was being supported by both her parents.  He advised me that he had not heard any reports from Candi about Lucie’s welfare and that there were no safeguarding concerns regarding Lucie.  I asked again whether I could make contact with Candi and was advised not to.  DC Dennis informed me he would be making a note on the case that I had called and that I had been advised not to contact Candi.

Candi had access to all my bank accounts and my bank card details were stored in her mobile phone. I began to change account details meaning she was without access to funds whilst it was being sorted out. Lucie and I attended Halifax Bank in Aldershot where I gave Lucie £500 to deposit into a bank account for us to use whilst my bank accounts were being changed. I closed all joint accounts with Candi and handed over the bank cards I held on Candi’s accounts.  Lucie changed all her passwords and her accounts so that Candi didn’t have access. 

After a few days, Candi stopped all contact with Lucie who then became upset.  Sally again interfered and kept passing messages which were clearly designed to upset either Lucie or me.  In one of those messages Candi requested that all her belongings were disposed of and her animals rehomed.  Sally was very quick to request that she rehomed the animals. I was aware that Candi did not like the way Sally had treated animals and so would not release them to her without Candi telling me herself. Sally began putting pressure on Lucie, asking to take her out or to come to the house and Lucie was declining saying she was fine, but Sally would not leave her alone.  It was at this point that Sally offered the information that she had been speaking to Candi and was supporting her allegations.  She said she had discussed the case with Candi, who had said that she had no safeguarding concerns about me, that I had never shown any interest in any children sexually and that I had never shown any interest in any sexual relationship with any women.  Sally stated that Candi had been insistent that she had been in a sexual relationship with me, but that it was only Candi that I had engaged in sex with.  Candi had stated we had been in a relationship to the fullest extent of the word.  Sally kept stating that she was in contact with the Detective, and that she was maintaining a contact with Candi. I advised Sally that if she wanted to remain in contact with Candi that was fine but that I would stop contact with Sally as it wasn’t helpful to either Lucie or me.  I made the decision not to have any further contact with Sally from that point on and I advised Lucie not to get too involved.    

A few years earlier, Candi had taken over the personal mobile phone accounts although the payments for them continued to come out of my bank account.  I had kept the same number for many years as it was the only way that my older children and family had to contact me should they need to as we were no longer in contact and nobody knew our address since the move.  Candi had this number disconnected and had Lucie’s phone number changed to take over the account personally.  Both Lucie and I were upset at this action, Lucie felt this was Candi trying to take her away from her friends who she felt she needed for support through this.  I overheard Lucie on the phone to Grace saying Candi always took her friends from her.  Lucie felt that anytime she had friends in the house they were dominated by Candi.  Both Lucie and Grace agreed this had been true when Grace had come to stay.

Due to the actions of Sally, & the constant messages I was getting from Candi through Sally, I found myself at crisis point and left the house on 28th October.  I remained in contact with Lucie until Garry could be with her and went to find some support for both Lucie and me.  Lucie called the Police and reported me as a missing person. Police spoke to me about an hour later and in the presence of the Police, I rang Lucie and spoke to her, as did the Police Officer.  I was later accused of being with friends and having got a friend to phone Lucie impersonating a Police Officer.

I continued contact with Lucie via messages as she refused to talk to me on the phone due to the accusation above.  Lucie told me she was with Sally.  Candi & Sally had gone to the house to collect Lucie. I asked Lucie to go home where Garry was waiting, and I would meet her, and she wouldn’t reply.  Sally told me Lucie didn’t want to see me and that she would call the police if I went near her house. After several hours Lucie told me she was staying at Sally’s for the night but would return the next day.

Whilst they had been collecting Lucie, they had taken a number of other items from the house.  Sally had already asked to remove items and I had refused as I was waiting on legal advice from the solicitor who was dealing with the case.  I had specifically stated that my counsel would be giving advice on Monday 29th October when he returned from annual leave.  The majority of the belongings taken were from Candi’s bedroom, but items were also taken from my bedroom and from the main living area. 

Early the next morning, Lucie’s phone was used to transfer the £500 I had placed with her for safekeeping out of her bank account to an account in Candi’s name.  Lucie would not have been able to do this herself due to her disability.  The bank text me as Lucie had given my phone number as security.  Lucie hid this fact and told me that she was going to stay with some friends for a few days.  She said she needed space away from both Candi and me to get her thoughts together.  I am now aware that she was with Candi and Sally at the time.  Lucie also withdrew £250 in cash from a cash machine at a local supermarket.  Lucie would not have been able to get to the supermarket on her own due to her disability. 

Why would Candi take all of Lucie’s money? I would give her money if she needed it.

Sally contacted me and was detrimental about the fact that I was suffering from the stress of the situation.  She stated she had been passing on messages from Candi.  I told Sally that I would continue to act in accordance with the advice of the solicitors and that should Candi have any other messages for me, then again that needs to be dealt with via solicitors.  As I refused to engage with Sally and advised that messages should go through solicitors, Sally began messaging Mandy who had been supporting me, advising that I was breaking the law and continued passing on messages from Candi.  Sally advised Mandy that I was manipulating the situation. 

I rehomed the Rabbits and Guinea Pigs to a rescue centre as I was unable to look after them.  Lucie had been informed I was doing this during conversations earlier in the week.  Candi later accused me of theft of her pets.

I maintained contact with Lucie to let her know she could come home.  The replies from Lucie were extremely out of character. After 2 days Lucie blocked all contact.  I reported this to social services with a concern for Lucie’s welfare, and was informed that Lucie was staying with Candi.

Sally began posting on the business Facebook that that the company had taken her money, but she doesn’t have her photographs.  I attempted to sign in to the business bank account to find that my sign in had been removed. At the same time I began receiving emails to my email address for Candi. These were all financial – her phone bill, her debts.

On the 6th November, Lucie came to the house with Sally to collect her belongings without any contact with me.  The police accompanied Lucie and entered the grounds of the house on the basis of being concerned for my welfare.  I did not allow the police or Lucie entry and told both to contact solicitors.  I spoke to the officer through the letter box and told him that I had not been contacted and would therefore not be allowing entry.  I felt threatened by Sally after the harassment that had taken place and I was aware that she was influencing Lucie.  Teresa attempted to talk to Lucie as she thought she was upset.  Sally prevented this and kept pulling Lucie away.  Teresa witnessed several occasions when the police officer and social worker would be trying to talk to Lucie and Sally would be whispering in Lucie’s ear and grabbing Lucie’s arm which she found concerning.  Teresa reported this to the officer at the time.  The police advised Lucie & Sally to leave, and as they walked away Sally tried to gain access into my car.  I subsequently made a report to the police asking for assistance.

The next day I messaged Lucie and offered to talk with her regarding collecting her belongings. I asked to meet in a public place and said I was happy for her to have her dad with her if she felt she needed support.

Candi attempted to change the details on the dog’s microchip.  On the 7th November I received an email notification that someone was trying to change the password.  I telephoned the microchip company and discovered Candi had reactivated my phone number on a new sim card and was now using this number to access this account. I notified Identibase of the situation and logged into the microchip details online & changed all login details & passwords.

Mandy contacted Candi as I was rehoming the animals that I was unable to look after.  Initially Candi said she would collect the animals but within a few minutes of this, Sally messaged Mandy with some abusive messages for me, and said that all dealings had to go through her. Sally asked Mandy to take the animals without letting me know where they would be going and stated she would collect them from Mandy.  Mandy refused.  Candi then became abusive to Mandy and stated she had concerns over the animal’s welfare and would be calling the police and the RSPCA. She said she had already spoken to the police and unless I allowed Sally to collect the animals, I would be breaking the law as this was theft.  I reported this to the police as further evidence of the harassment.  I also contacted the RSPCA to advise them of the situation and invited them to come and check on the animal’s welfare.  Both Police and RSPCA advised there had been no contact from Candi. Mandy rehomed the Gecko’s through Hampshire Reptile Rescue as I was unable to look after them.

On the 8th November I received notification that someone had attempted to alter my password for my Apple ID for my phone and my computers. Candi was using my old phone number to access this account.

I text Lee expressing my concern over Candi and asked him to try to help her.

Police arrived at my house on the 11th November.  The officer informed me she was responding to a report from Candi which claimed I had text her the day before stating I was going to commit suicide. I made both my phones available to the officer and showed her a text I had sent Lucie the day before asking to meet up. I had not been in contact with Candi.  I again provided the reference number so that this false allegation could be added to the case notes.

I began receiving dropped calls from Candi. Each time I took a photo of the call to give to the police for evidence. I then received an email for Candi to my email address. She had run up her Barclaycard, substantially over its limit and sent the overdue payment notices to me. I didn’t pay it. The drop calls continued and I recorded them all. 

I received a call from the Ambulance Service on 16th November.  Lucie had reported that I had been in contact and was threatening to kill myself.  I had not been in contact.  I explained to the Ambulance service that I was fine but had to have a second call from another department and undergo questions to determine whether I was safe enough for the service to stand down.  I explained to the second crew that this is now becoming a frequent thing, that one of the girls keeps reporting me for suicidal thoughts even though I was not in contact with either of them.  After assessment the Ambulance Service claimed I had full capacity, stood down and felt no need to attend the address.

I received several notifications that passwords and phone numbers for my google account and email accounts were being changed.  I attempted to stop this happening, but Candi had used my old phone number which she had reactivated to get through security and so google were unable to help me.  I reported the accounts as hacked and asked google to close them down. I have no access to determine whether this was done or not.

The only pets left at the house were my fish, my bearded dragon and my parrot.  Due to the situation going on with Candi & Lucie I decided to rehome them.  In particular I wasn’t able to clean out the parrot or the fish and for their own welfare they needed to find homes where they would get the attention they needed.  I advertised them on the local Facebook groups, hoping to get back some of the money that I had spent out on their equipment & housing.  Lucie then posted under them that they were stolen and belonged to her.  She then joined other Facebook groups and posted on them that I had stolen all of hers & Candi’s animals and was trying to sell them.  Candi got involved in the posts as did some of Candi’s friends.  I had been speaking to a lady about a home for the parrot and was in the process of arranging for her to get familiar with him before he left but the lady was scared off by Lucie’s statement that the police were aware of this, and potential owners would be dealing with the police over stolen animals.  I removed the adverts I had placed and asked the group owners to remove Lucie’s posts which named me as a thief. 

On the 28th November I got a notification to say my email address had been removed from my Flickr account.  I immediately logged on and changed it back.  Candi had used my old phone number to bypass security and got a code sent to her to log in and was removing my phone numbers and email addresses so that I wouldn’t have access to my photo’s.  I continued to change everything she had done, and this continued for approximately 2 hours.  I got notification of photos being downloaded and I kept trying to cancel them.  Flickr blocked the account after too many changes of security details.  I had to email with proof of identity to gain access to my account and my photos. 

The police emailed me following my complaint about the Flickr hacking.  I supplied screenshots of the emails I had which showed Candi’s phone number and her IP address proving without a doubt that it was her.  Later that day two officers visited me at home.  After speaking with me they advised they would speak to Candi and advise her to contact me so that we could sort things out.  They would tell her not to hack my accounts as that was a criminal offence and then they would ring me to let me know they had made contact with her.  When an officer phoned me, she said she had spoken to Candi and told her to either contact me or to go get legal advice regarding property, business, pets or access to photos or emails etc.

The next day I messaged Candi to ask her to talk to me so that we could put things right.  I stated I did not want to discuss the investigation and in fact refused to discuss the allegation.

This was normal behaviour for Candi but it had to stop!

30th November, I was telephoned by the police twice in one day following reports that I was committing suicide.  After speaking to me they didn’t feel the need to visit me.

2nd November, An ambulance was sent to my address following a report that I was committing suicide.  They established full mental capacity and stood down. In the police evidence it can even be seen that it was Lucie calling them out. She was playing silly little girl games to see if I was calling them.

It seemed that whatever I did, Candi would ring the Police and tell them I was committing suicide or Lucie would ring the Ambulance. There were people being mugged, murdered, stabbed and dying and these two ‘children’ were sending Police and Ambulance to me two or three times a week! The Ambulance switchboard put a notice up in the end because they knew the situation and didn’t want to keep wasting people’s time. They would get the call and ring me to check I was ok before standing down. At least someone had some sense!

4th December, I sent messages to both Lucie & Candi to ask if they wanted to collect their property & to make arrangements to do so.

5th December, I sent messages to both Lucie & Candi regarding collection of their property.

7th December, I received a notification advising me I had been removed from the business Facebook account.  At the same time a new Facebook account tried to add me and began talking to me.  It was a fake Facebook account but knew things about me. I questioned whether the user was Candi and the account was deleted immediately.

I spoke with Lucie’s tutor who was concerned about Lucie’s welfare.  She wanted Lucie to return home so that she was supported with her studies and her general welfare.  She said that Candi was being very controlling over Lucie and in return Lucie was defensive over Candi.  The tutor said that various meetings had been arranged with Candi to sort out Lucie’s education, but that Candi never turned up.  Candi had also promised to help Lucie with transcribing materials for her to access her education but had demanded she take on the £80,000 contract even though she didn’t have the equipment to adequately provide the materials.  The tutor raised a lot of concerns but there was nothing I could do.  I just asked her to ensure Lucie’s education as much as she could and to report any concerns to the relevant authorities.

I was sad and shocked to find that Candi had abandoned Lucie and her education.

Later that day Candi rang me and told me to say we had been in a relationship for 12 years.  I refused and told her I loved her as a mother and that was it.  I said she was my daughter and I would do anything for her and I wanted both her and Lucie to come home.  Canid began discussing the investigation with me telling me she was involved in people’s statements and she was providing evidence against me and it would be better if I would just admit it.  I refused and told her that we were not allowed to discuss the case.  I was happy to talk about other things such as business & personal property, and to sort out the relationship between us all.  She became abusive and aggressive and I told her I wouldn’t talk to her unless she could speak calmly and civilly.  She continued to be abusive and so I warned her again.  After the third warning I terminated the call and reported it to the police.

PC27542 & PC20164 came to my house following my report of the phone call.  I relayed what I could remember from the conversation and they read the text messages that had been sent and received. We then discussed the situation regarding the dog and the other animals that were still in the house, as well as Candi & Lucie’s belongings.  They advised me to message Lucie and clearly state both her & Candi’s options and to tell her that was on police advice and to quote the reference number which I did.  The officers advised me not to make contact with Candi again unless she contacted me, due to her threats of reporting me for harassment.

I messaged both Lucie & Candi attempting to make arrangements for collection of their property. 

On the 10th December, I phoned Candi from the Vets, but she didn’t answer so I left her a message to call me back.  I messaged Lee to say I was at the Vets with the dog and had a full conversation with him.  Later that day I contacted a charity to rehome the parrot as I wasn’t able to look after him.  They agreed to collect him that day. I gave Lee details of the rehoming charity that the parrot was being rehomed to as I was receiving abuse accusing me of 1. Lying and 2. Profiting from selling pets.  The parrot was being rehomed in Norfolk, so Candi had to speak to me that day if she wanted to home him.  Candi chose not to contact me.  On speaking with Sue from the rescue over the next few days I was informed that Candi had called the rescue and been quite rude to them stating the parrot was stolen property.  She then claimed that she wanted the bird, and could she get him. The rescue owner refused to get involved and stated that I had 28 days in which to change my mind about the bird being rehomed after which he would be put up for adoption.  Candi then claimed she wanted to adopt him but stated she couldn’t afford to get him, and she didn’t have an address which would pass a home check.  She was denied adoption and advised to discuss the bird with me as I was the registered owner and the only one who could claim the bird back.  Candi then continued to harass the rescue centre, as did Sally, Lee and other friends of Candi’s.  The rescue centre advised me of all phone numbers, Facebook contacts and messages and moved the parrot into a safe house due to the harassment.  She then advised Candi and her friends that she did not have the parrot.

On the 15th December, I sent messages to both Lucie & Candi regarding collection of their property. I also sent a formal notice of a pending board meeting of the company owned by all of us with an agenda of the items to be discussed including liquidating the company.

I received a message on the 19th December from Vodafone to advise me that Candi had changed the address on a mobile phone account to my address. 

I received an email from Sainsbury’s regarding my recent purchases on 23.12.18.  As I hadn’t bought anything from Sainsbury’s I telephoned them to ask for details.  My card had been used in Chichester. I asked for the evidence from the store, it was very clear it was Candi. A few days later I received a notification to say my account details had all been changed.

Both girls ghosted me throughout Christmas. I spent it totally alone in my house, just me and the dog.

I had been seeing a BACP counsellor who recommended that I invite both Candi & Lucie to therapy either jointly or individually.  I sent a message on 27th December with such an invitation stating we could discuss personal property, business & our relationships with a view to resolving issues.  I clarified that we would not be discussing the allegations, and if all they wanted was to come to conclusions regarding their personal property & the business which we were all directors and liable for then that was perfectly acceptable.

Neither Candi or Lucie attended the board meeting they had been served notice of, to settle issue within the family business.  A number of debts had been accrued and all registered at my home address, as well as local clients being angry at losing their money and their photographs. I contacted Companies House for advice.

I had attempted to launch a new business on my own to be able to provide myself some financial security.  Candi contacted the clients of the family business and advised them to harass me for the monies and photographs they were owed.  The launch was cancelled due to the abuse that I then received from people Candi had contacted.

I took legal advice. My choices were that I could force Candi and Lucie into legal proceedings regarding the business or I could just walk away. I resigned as a Director of the family business on New Years Eve. Candi and Lucie remained.

I received an email from the RAC asking for feedback on my recovery from 3.1.19.  As I hadn’t used their services I telephoned and asked for details.  They informed me that they had been called out to a car with a registration number known to be a Citroen C4 belonging to Lee. The nature of the breakdown was a faulty Oil Pump and the location was at The Barn. Candi had used my account for Lee’s car breaking down.

Enough! What she had done was bad enough but I wasn’t paying for it. I decided to press charges!

I text Candi to advise of police reports made against her and that further communications from her would be classed as harassment. She asked to collect her things, so I phoned her to make arrangements, but she did not answer.  She called me back and a 4-hour telephone conversation followed, during which time she stated she did not want to collect anything from the house but that she was missing me & missing the dog.  We made arrangements to meet in Winchester the following day, to have coffee and walk the dog in a public place.  Shortly after midnight the Police arrived for what I initially thought was my reports of stolen property.  I asked the Police why they were there, and they advised that Candi had made a report of me killing myself, so it was a safeguarding call.  I was half expecting Candi due to what she had said on the phone call.  I had been texting Mandy and asking for support but Mandy was not able to come out due to it being so late.  I was quite scared of what she wanted to do but I needed to sort it out with her.  Candi ran around the house looking for the dog but was unable to find her.  She then ran out of the house followed by the Police.  I put the dog on her lead and went out to calm Candi down and offered to talk to her if she wanted to.  The police advised her to leave the premises, so she got in Lee’s car. 

After the Police had left, Candi came back into the house where we talked at some length.  She discussed finishing her relationship with Lee, she said how unhappy she was, that she wanted to come home but was concerned as to whether we could resume a relationship after all she had done.  I asked for a chance to prove we could, and suggested we go away together for a few days to talk and sort things out.  She agreed but stated she had a police interview on the coming Tuesday (8.1.19) which she had already cancelled twice, and this was also something to do with helping Lucie with her statement against me, so she felt she had to go.  We agreed that we would keep amicable contact and plan to go away the following Monday (14.1.19).  Candi said she was struggling for money and needed a couple of things from her room which I was happy to let her take.  She said she didn’t want to take too much as she was planning on coming home so she just needed a few bits for a few more days.  She asked if we could go out for the day on Wednesday (9.1.19) which I agreed to.  She remained in the house until approximately 4am at which time Lee, who had been waiting outside was texting her telling her to hurry up and leave.  She didn’t want to leave and was very tearful, she told me she didn’t want to be with Lee, but he was her transport at the moment.  She cuddled me for a while and then left.

Candi telephoned me as soon as she woke up later that day.  She wanted to ask me if we could go away there and then.  The dog had been poorly, and I didn’t want to take her away, so I said no.  We chatted for a little while, but she couldn’t talk as Lee was there.  Candi remained in contact with me all day, but the conversation was stilted as she was at Lee’s house.  She asked to come to the house the next day to spend time with me and I agreed.

Candi came to Aldershot by train.  We initially sat in the house for a while as I was still concerned about the dog.  Lee didn’t leave her alone, kept messaging her and phoning her and it was hard to have a conversation.  Candi told me she had to answer him as he had threatened to call the police if he couldn’t get in contact with her.  We talked for some considerable time and she was looking forward to going away for a few days.  She told me she was finding life really hard, that she hated where she was living, had no money and was generally depressed and hating life.  She told me she was having sex with Lee, but she wasn’t comfortable with it.  She had got contraception, but it was making her ill and she didn’t like it.  She said she was still with Lee as she was scared of being on her own and he was the only one she had after what she had done.  She went on to explain that she wasn’t coping with the situation.  Christmas had been really hard, and she hadn’t been able to celebrate it.  They had done something a couple of days before for Lee’s daughter but that was all, and what they had done she had struggled with.  She spoke about going places with Lee and with Lucie and said she just didn’t want to go.  Lucie had been putting pressure on her to go to Longleat and Lee had made her go to Winter Wonderland, but it all tore her to pieces, and she couldn’t cope with it.  She said she felt like I had been ripped away from her and she wasn’t coping with it.  Candi admitted that she had regularly been coming to the house and sitting around the corner watching the house.  She said that she had knocked on the door a few times just to hear the dog bark.  She had known I was depressed and wouldn’t answer the door.

In the afternoon we took the dog for a short walk and she again told me she didn’t want to be with Lee.  She said she didn’t know what she wanted from life, she felt like a nobody after leaving home.  She hated being on benefits again but couldn’t get a job and had resigned herself to a life of misery with Lee as she had ‘fucked up’ everything else. She asked about my health and I told her that I had seen the test results but hadn’t been to the GP or any appointments as I couldn’t face what they were going to tell me.  She said she wanted to be there and told me to book an appointment and she would come with me.  I showed her my medical record with the test results on my GP app on my phone. I told her I was depressed and talked about the counsellor I had been seeing.  She said it was her fault I was depressed, and she would help me through it.  She told me to tell her what was in my head and she would just listen and not take anything I said to heart as she understood it was just the depression.  As we got back to the house Lee was messaging constantly and her mood began to change.  She announced she had to go, and I asked her not to.  She told me Lee was pressuring her to leave me and not to see me, so she had to leave.  I told her if she didn’t want to be with Lee then she needed to leave him, she could come home.  We got into an argument and I walked away from her and sat by a phone box.  After a few minutes I walked back to her with the intention of saying goodbye so she could go get a train and the police walked up to us.  They asked if everything was ok and she told them it was and asked them to leave.  They had seen me sat by the phone box and were concerned.  Candi came in the house and we talked for a bit.  I apologised for telling her to leave Lee and asked her to attend a counselling session with me.  She agreed but when I spoke to Imogen, she couldn’t see us until 10.1.19.  Candi agreed to the session and I booked another session for the following day.  Candi then told me Lee had decided to leave work and was on his way to pick her up.  She asked me to go to McDonalds and to play Xbox games with her until he arrived, which we did.  During this time, she again asked to go away, and I suggested the weekend.  She told me Lee wouldn’t let her go at the weekend so it would have to wait until 14.1.19.

As she left, she had told me text her whilst she was travelling.  She knew I found it difficult watching her go to Lee after all she had said about him and knowing how unhappy she was, and she knew I missed her terribly and that being alone was when the depression hit me so she wanted me to text her.  We texted constantly both in general conversation and about how difficult the situation was and how hard I was finding it, and the random thoughts in my head.  I asked whether Lee minded her texting me and she said wanted to talk to me. I got the impression they were sitting in silence. We had a lengthy conversation about what she wanted her future to be, and she detailed moving away again mentioning Wales, relaunching the business but with more sociable hours.  She was specific on the style of the images she wanted to put out and wanted to be more artistic. We discussed names for the rebrand of the business and tailoring the services we offered.  Candi was highly engaged in the conversation.  Her phone ran out of battery but as soon as she got home, she plugged it in and continued texting me for the remainder of the night.

PC Burrage telephoned me from Sussex Police regarding the thefts I had reported.  Candi had already put pressure on me to drop the cases, she said that she couldn’t afford to get a criminal record and Lee was causing her issues as it was his car, and his shopping for Christmas.  She had also said that Lee’s brother had been there at Sainsburys and so he would also have to get involved and she was scared what he would do if the police spoke to him. When I spoke to the officer, I explained that this was part of a wider issue and that we were trying to sort issues out without it getting nasty.  I asked for the case to be put on hold temporarily until I knew more of what was going on as I didn’t want to cause my daughter any further problems.  I was told to ring back when I was ready to go ahead with the complaints, and that I could do so at any time.

She was constantly texting me again. She was coming home!

On the 9th January, Candi messaged me whilst I was in counselling to say she was not coping mentally, she was hiding in her bed and not talking to anyone.  I tried to encourage her to talk to me and she spoke with me sporadically.  She asked if I would be there for her if she needed me, which I replied of course I would.  She explained that she didn’t know whether we could just be normal with each other after all that she had done, as the past few days all we had done was speak about what had happened since I had been arrested.  She messaged all day with the exception of approximately half an hour during which time she explained she had to see a support worker. She asked me to meet her at Bognor Regis train station, and after some conversation about whether I should take the dog or not I left to meet her.  We spoke whilst both of us were travelling to the meeting point, and once we were together, we went bowling and then to pizza hut.  She explained that she didn’t want to be in the situation we were in, but she didn’t know how to put it right.  She was seeing Lee at the weekends but wasn’t happy with him.  He was trying to persuade her that I was a psychopath and that she wasn’t safe to be around me.  She said she knew I would never hurt her; I was the only person she felt safe with, but he was putting pressure on her and she couldn’t cope with it.  He was insisting that she didn’t have any contact with me and had told her that he wasn’t going to let me be a part of her life anymore.  He had basically told her to choose whether she wanted me in her life or to be with him.  Candi asked me for a way to contact me without Lee knowing.  She knew I had other numbers as she had been speaking to me on them.  She used my phone to create new numbers and called herself, so she knew the numbers were me.  She told me that if I was contacting her, I had to do it under another name so that Lee wouldn’t know it was me.  If Lee knew it was me then she wouldn’t be able to talk.  She said she felt a responsibility to Lee as he had helped her during the crisis in October but that she couldn’t imagine a life without her mum.  We had a nice evening and I left her back at the train station at her request.  At around midnight I received numerous phone calls from Candi who was again upset.  We talked for a while, mainly about what she wanted from life, but I wasn’t feeling well and eventually fell asleep whilst still on the phone to her.

Candi and I had an appointment with the counsellor at lunchtime on the 10th January but she had told me she was coming to the house in the morning. I text her to see what time her train was due.  Suddenly she texted me to tell me to pack a bag as we were going away.  I asked if she was sure and she said yes, she wanted to give me the chance that I had asked for at the beginning of the week. She then sent me a picture of her bag already packed by her feet on the train and told me to get packing.  When she arrived at the house, I asked her if we could still go to the counselling session as I believed it would help both of us, but she refused. She wanted to get moving as soon as possible.  I asked where we were going, and she said she would find somewhere on the way.  Whilst I packed my things, Candi went around the house packing up other things she thought we would need.  On Candi’s instructions I drove to Cornwall whilst she found and booked us into a cottage in Mount Hawke.

We had a nice few days in Cornwall, visited a cider farm, went out for meals, took photographs on the beach, explored caves, ate scones in the harbour etc.  During the evenings we would play cards and games and just chat.  We spoke about business, about the future with the plan of moving away and starting again.  We spoke about boyfriends and friendships and resumed a mother/daughter relationship.

Candi admitted taking the things out the house and told me she took things that she knew would upset me to provoke a reaction from me.  We talked about her hacking the Flickr account, the photographs, the rebrand of the business we had been working on and generally began rebuilding our relationship.

She lied to Lee to stop his texts, only then would she relax! 

She told me she was sorry for everything she had done to me; she knew what a fragile state I was in and that it was all designed to ‘push me over the edge’ so she could get the money & the house.  She told me Lucie was trying to take action against me to take over the tenancy of the house and have me evicted, as well as pressing for harassment charges to be brought against me. She said Lucie, Lee & Sally had all been involved & were pushing her to take action against me but that actually Lucie & Sally had ‘stitched her up’ and she didn’t want anything to do with them anymore.  She wanted to come home and rebuild her life, but she felt she couldn’t.  She cried and said ‘I just want it all to be over and to come home with you.  What have I done?’

Candi spoke to me about the pending investigation with the police. She said she had never wanted to get me in trouble, she had just needed help.  She found herself out of the house whilst I was in a seriously ill condition as a result of what she had done, she had no money, no phone and no numbers to contact anyone.  She said she had walked around for hours before going to the police, during which time she had engaged in her regular habits of hitting walls, hitting herself, kicking things etc which had probably caused the injuries she complained of.  Candi told me that when I had hit her the only injury, I had caused was to dislodge the dental work she had had done the day previously.  This was consistent with the way I hit her.   Candi told me she was scared and angry and upset and had a whole host of emotions that she didn’t know how to control but she knew she needed to get away for a couple of days and the only person she could go to was Lee.  She went to the police to get help to get her to Lee’s, but they wouldn’t help her initially.  She then told the police I hit her as a reason for her needing to get away, and she was then questioned.  She had to give a reason that I hit her so she had said we was arguing, to give a reason for the argument so she said over Lee, to give a reason that I didn’t want her to see Lee so she said I was jealous, and then to give a reason why I would be jealous so she said we had been having sex.  She explained that she didn’t really know why she had said it other than she needed somewhere to go.  Candi spoke of what had happened when I had been arrested.  She told me that it had been her who had got my medication for me as she had been worried sick about me being in custody.  She said she had been constantly asking the officer questions, whether I was ok, whether I was being looked after properly etc.  She had asked that I not be handcuffed and not be in a van as I would be ill from the travelling, she told the police I wouldn’t be any trouble, that I wouldn’t be violent.  She said she told the police she didn’t want me arrested, that she didn’t want me in any trouble.  She had just been trying to get herself somewhere to stay and didn’t know what else to do to get the police to help her.

Candi said the case had been transferred to Sussex and she was in contact with the new investigating officer.  I think she called him Hugh.  She said she had been speaking with Garry about his statement and told me he had claimed he was working nights at the time so knew nothing, she had been sitting with Lee when he gave his statement and Lee had claimed he had known about the allegation the night before she made it but had no other information he could give, and she said Lucie was trying to ‘stitch you up’ by making up false claims about her having to sleep with me in my bed and me cuddling her and calling her Candi. Candi told me that Lucie hated me and wanted nothing to do with me.  Lucie apparently blamed me for everything and was never coming home to me, would never speak to me.  She told me that the only person I had in my life was her now, Lucie was ringing the police constantly and being a real bitch to both of us and she was only keeping in contact with her out of a sense of loyalty to me.  Candi told me she was having very little contact with the police and was actively avoiding them, but that the police were fed up with Lucie keep ringing them and me reporting everything.  Candi said she had been arrested once after a report I made, and she was taken to the cells and then interviewed.  She said the police had nothing on me and had told her that the case was about to be closed. 

Candi told me that she was in danger of the police arresting her because of all the false allegations she had made.  She said someone had told her that if she was making it up then she could end up in prison.  She begged me to press charges against her and send her to prison for everything she had done.  She said that was the only way she could get away from Lee, that was the only way she could mentally cope with what she had done and the hurt she was causing.  She said she was a danger to anyone who cared about her, she couldn’t stop herself from making these allegations and she was destroying people, and now she had destroyed the only person who had ever loved her – me.  She went on to say that she was looking for someone to get her away from Lee.  That she only anticipated being with him for a short while until someone else came along that was able to show her attention.  She still had no intention of a long-term relationship with Lee, but she would stay with him until such time that another bloke fell for her and then she would move on.  She said she had told Lee this which was part of the reason he was being so possessive over her.  I asked why not just end it with Lee, come home and find a relationship she wanted to be in to which she replied she couldn’t come home after what she had done to me.  She didn’t trust herself not to do it again and she loved me and couldn’t stand the hurt and pain she was putting me through, so she had to stay with Lee and put up with what he was demanding of her.  She had no one or nothing else.

We spoke about Lee and his family, in particular his daughter.  She said that she knew social services would be looking at Lee’s daughter.  She said she didn’t really care as she didn’t like the ‘kid’ anyway, but Lee’s mum was in a relationship with a social worker who would give them inside information about any reports and could make things disappear if he needed to.  She said that if Social Services said she couldn’t be around the child it was a bonus as she didn’t really want to have to spend time with her but she was relying on the mother’s boyfriend to monitor her record so that if she had any children they wouldn’t be investigated.

Over the first few days I saw Candi relax and be happy again.  She was talking to me normally and confiding in me the same as she had for the whole time, I had known her.  Lee continued to text her the whole time and she would spend much of the day ignoring him.  She told me she made a point of texting every couple of hours otherwise he was threatening to come and get her, and she didn’t want to go home.  She made a point of just sending emoji’s or just saying she was fine, so she didn’t get into conversation with him.  On the occasion they did message for a few minutes she would become sullen and withdrawn, and her mood would change. 

She cuddled me and waited for me to die.

Candi again went into details about not wanting to be with Lee but became more explicit claiming he was telling her what to do.  He had told her they were getting married and I wasn’t invited, and she couldn’t face that without her best friend (me) being there.  He had told her they were going to have children and I would not be allowed to see them, and she didn’t know how she would cope without her mum.  She said she wanted to finish with him but wanted to be friends, but he had said that he didn’t want anything to do with her if she had contact with me.  She said she valued his friendship but that was all.  I told her she could stay friends with him if that was what she wanted but she got upset and said he had already told her that he didn’t want to know her unless she was having sex with him.  We spoke about business and the things she had told me she wanted in the text conversation and began planning in more details.  After several hours of business planning, she told me Lee wouldn’t allow her to start a business with me.  He had told her she had to start a business with him.  She told me she had to walk away from me for ever, and never see me again. I told her how unhappy that made me, I was crying and very upset and told her how much I wanted her in my life.  I told her I had been suicidal over all this, over her cutting me out of her life and she told me it was Lee who had made her cut me out.  She knew I had been considering overdose and told me to take it.  She said she wanted to kill herself but was too scared to do it, but she would sit with me whilst I did it.  We had both been drinking but neither of us were drunk.  We both went into my bedroom and she sat with me whilst I drank a bottle of morphine. 

As I started to drift in and out of consciousness, I remember her getting upset and asking the dog to stop me from dying.  She was crying that she needed me, she needed me to rescue her from Lee, to bring her home.  She begged and pleaded with me to be sick.  She said she wanted to come home to live with me again so I could look after her. She began hitting herself and throwing things round the room.  She put her fingers in my mouth and made me vomit.  I vomited all over her and myself, so she pushed me off the bed and dragged me in the bathroom.  I continued to vomit and urinated at the same time. Candi stripped me off and put me in the bath and showered me off before drying me and dressing me and putting me to bed.  She laid on the bed with me all night telling me she needed me and making plans for the future.

Candi emailed the owner of the property we were staying in to ask for additional time at the property we were staying in.  I was too ill to go anywhere or to move due to the amount of Morphine I had ingested.  Candi took the car and my bank card that evening, drove to Redruth & took money out of the ATM to pay the additional costs. 

During the day, Candi sat on the bed beside me and planned my funeral.  She argued with herself as to whether she would tell my family, including Lucie or not.  She said she was aware they all hated her for what she had been doing to me all these years and that there would be an argument.  She said she respected me too much for there to be an argument at my funeral, so she felt it was best that she just didn’t tell anyone I was dead.  I told her the neighbours would know when they saw funeral cars going from the house and she said it would be too late by then.  She spoke about what songs would be played, where my ashes would be scattered and even down to making sure that the dog was allowed to be there.  She said the only people in the world that loved me were the dog and her, so they were the only people who had a right to be at my funeral.  After what she had told me about Lee, I told her I didn’t want him involved, didn’t want him in my house or near my dog.

That night Candi laid beside me on my bed in the cottage and begged me to kidnap her.  She asked me to take her home and lock her in her room and keep her safe.  She said she couldn’t cope with the voices in her head, she couldn’t get away from them and she needed my help.  I told her she could come home anytime, and I would support her but that I couldn’t lock her in.  She said without being locked in she would run away again; she would hurt me even more and she couldn’t do that to me.  She loved me and she needed me.  She begged me to wait for her.  She promised she would get help if I supported her and promised to wait for her.  She begged me not to give up on her.  She stated she was ‘screwed up in the head’ and needed time to get away from the situation with Lee.  She said she didn’t know if she was strong enough to get away, she didn’t know how to do it without me. I told her I would support her, that I would pay for help for her, I would do all I could. 

On the 15th January, we were due to check out of the accomodation. Lee was texting Candi and putting pressure on her and she was struggling. Candi caused an argument leaving the accommodation.  She wouldn’t get in the car, didn’t want to go home.  I video’d the conversation on my phone in case I later got accused of something. I threatened to leave her behind several times before she eventually got in the car.  This resulted in about an hour of silence.  I refused to drive with the atmosphere in the car and so pulled into a Country Park and told her we would sit there until she got over her tantrum.  Eventually she agreed to walk the dog but refused to engage with her or me.  By the time we had finished walking she was talking to me again and we resumed the drive home.  During the journey we planned to relaunch the business.  She asked me to rebrand the company as we had discussed earlier in the week, asked me to book the dog in the vets and asked me to book an appointment with my GP so she could support me through my tests. She explained that she needed to give 28 days’ notice to move out of her room but that during that time we would look at houses for me & her to move to away from the area and we would look at business premises.  She needed me to look at whether she could claim benefits whilst we relaunched the business as she needed to have some money coming in and we arranged to meet the next day.  I dropped her at the train station where she cuddled me and told me she loved me, and that she would text me later on when she got home.

On the way back from Cornwall, the RSPCA rang me over concerns about the animals.  I spoke to them whilst Candi was telling me it was her that had reported me before she had got back in touch with me and spoken to me.  She spoke to the RSPCA inspector during the phone call and told them that it was her who had reported me, and she no longer had concerns.  She said the dog was with us and was fine and that the majority of the animals had been rehomed.  The RSPCA stood down.

I never heard from Candi and found out later that night that her phone had been switched off.  I initially thought it had run out of battery, but later discovered Lee had met her shortly after I dropped her off. Both phones were switched off and remained off for a week.  I was worried sick and thought they may have had an accident on the way back to Candi’s place, so I began calling hospitals all-round the area.  I even tried to phone Lee at work to be told he wasn’t in and they didn’t know when he would be back. I was beside myself with worry that something had happened.  I kept my faith in what Candi had told me and did what she had asked.  I worked at rebranding the business and tailoring the services to what Candi had asked me to do.

I sent Candi a text regarding a vet appointment for the dog on the 21st January. Candi had said she was coming with me but she didn’t turn up.

My physical health was extremely concerning, and an ambulance was called.  After preliminary tests they were sufficiently concerned that they called Candi to attend with me.  Candi spoke to the ambulance crew on the phone, and then spoke to me.  She was advised of the seriousness of my health at that time, and that the tests they had carried out put me at extreme risk.  She said that she couldn’t get there, she didn’t have transport or money to get to the hospital even if she wanted to.  There was nothing more she could say.  I refused to stay in the hospital.

Candi resigned as a Director from the company after this.

On the 29th January, Candi & Lee visited the house and began kicking at the front door trying to get in.  Teresa, the neighbour spoke to Candi about the noise she was making, and Candi told her she was trying to get in, she asked Teresa for a key.  Whilst Candi was on the phone to the police Teresa heard her say about me being reported as dead by Teresa but I was texting at this time.  Teresa told the police and Lee that Candi was lying, and Lee informed Teresa that Candi always lied to get her own way, he was used to it.  Candi then called the Police and was heard telling them I was dead in the property, so they had to break the door down to give her entry.  I phoned the police and told them I was ok, but that Candi was scaring me.  I believe I actually told the officers that Candi wanted me dead so she could have my house & my dog.  The Police called Candi and told her to leave or face being arrested for breach of the peace. Candi & Lee sat in the car for about an hour and then drove off.  They came back 30 minutes later and sat in the car outside the house for roughly 2 hours. The Police were on standby should they start kicking the door again.

I was at continual crisis and needed to get away from all this.  I was no longer safe in my house and had no idea what Candi was doing.  I was highly concerned about her state of mind, but also concerned at what she was trying to do to me.  I began to plan my suicide, but I needed to get away from Candi to be able to think clearly.  I used an online service and wrote my will, but I needed to get it signed.  I sent a copy to Candi so she knew that I couldn’t take anymore, hoping she would back off.  She had seen how depressed I was when we had been to Cornwall and yet she had continued to cause situations she knew I wouldn’t cope with.  She knew I was physically ill; she had spoken to the Ambulance crew but through it all she had always maintained that she loved me.  I couldn’t understand how she could love me but put me through what she was doing and know that my life was on the line.  She had to leave me alone.

I booked accommodation in Kingsworthy and booked a taxi to take me & the dog there.  I just wanted to disappear for a couple of days to get some peace.  I stayed in the property and continued to work on the business that Candi had asked me for. 

The police attended and I told the officer why I was hiding.  I told him I didn’t want Candi knowing where I was or what I was doing – I just needed peace to get some headspace.  I explained that Candi was harassing me and that I feared I was in danger, and didn’t know what to do.  When it was time to go home, I text the PC Cantlie who had left me his number and told him I was leaving.  I told him I just wanted to be left in peace.  I was then contacted as a missing person.  I replied to the texts and said I just wanted to be left alone. 

Later that day there was another report that I was suicidal, and the police came to my house.  I explained again that I just wanted to be left alone.  That I couldn’t cope with what was going on. I explained that Candi had people looking for me so that she could harass me and if she knew where I was she would be kicking my door down again.  I told the police I was scared of her and needed protecting but they told me to call 999 if she turned up.

My house was being watched!

I had to get away. I booked accommodation under a false name in Farncombe in the hope that she wouldn’t be able to trace me. I took medication and a knife with me and went off with the intention of finalizing my affairs so I could end my life.  I caught a taxi to Guildford, and a train to Farncombe and then walked to the accommodation where I stayed whilst I sorted out passwords for Candi to have access to my money and the business files etc once I was dead.

I received an email informing me that google had found hacked content on the website. She wasn’t letting up, she clearly wanted me dead.

I left Farncombe early and booked accommodation in Romsey.  I caught a train back to Guildford, and then to Woking where I drew money out the ATM, sent a WhatsApp message to Lee and to Lucie, and posted a letter to Candi.  I was not aware of Candi’s address but knew she would be staying at Lee’s house for the weekend and would therefore receive the letter. The communications that I sent were to inform Candi that I was committing suicide due to everything she was putting me through. I then caught a train to Romsey and walked to the accommodation.

I attended Romsey Abbey where I asked the people working there to witness my signature on my will.  The accommodation was booked until the Monday and the owners had said they would be in about lunchtime to clean etc after my departure.  I had planned around those arrangements to ensure the dog would be found in the shortest time possible and just had that last day to get through before I could find release. And then I was arrested again.

Candi, Lee and Lucie all made statements against me, and Candi later made a victim statement. All of these documents claim factual inaccuracies, contradict each other and make further allegations but Candi does admit she knew it was a real suicide note and not just a cry for help.

Lee’s statement claimed I harassed him using a number Candi claimed to be hers in her statement!

Following arrest I was remanded to HMP Bronzefield. Between custody, prison, suicide attempts and hospital I had no control over anything for a couple of months. You can read what happened here:


Again the Police had given Candi access to my house and it was left in a real mess.  The 6ft bearded dragon vivarium which was the main centerpiece of the living room had been taken, and the unit that it stood on had all the drawers taken out of it and they were piled on the floor.  All the cabling around the tv unit had been disconnected and was left in a pile.  Candi had also taken cash and personal effects from my bedroom.  Worst of all my dog wasn’t there although her blankets, toys and food were still littered around the house.  I again hit a crisis point, so I done what I had to with probation and doctors and took another overdose.  This left me unconscious for 48 hours and then in and out of consciousness for the next 4 days. 

The case had also left me with a Restraining Order which could put me back in prison if I breached it. I received text messages to say Candi had been seen in the street, watching my house again. I told the Police but she wasn’t breaking any laws. I was the one under a Court Order.

This was my 5th plan at ending my life and my 3rd attempt at suicide! Time to learn from my mistakes.

I obtained the statements from the conviction and set about getting my evidence together for legal action of my own. I had downloaded messages and facebook accounts prior to prison, and I had both Candi and Lucie’s ipads registered on my network so I could gain access to all their private messaging as well. I had so much evidence to prove the lies, that I couldn’t just let them get away with it. See some of the evidence here:


I felt like I had enabled Candi to get away with being this nasty malicious person who constantly lies, and that unless someone does something she will just continue to keep hurting people. Lucie is clearly following her, she had done all her life so why would now be any different. Candi needs help and if the only way I can get her that help is by reporting her then I have no other option. The trauma support staff in prison had given me the strength to tell my story.

I have no intention of carrying on in life, of living so I have nothing to hide and nothing to lose.

I later became aware that whilst I was in prison my bank stopped transaction to Argos from an iPhone believed to be Candi’s.  The bank had been informed I was in prison and identified this as a fraudulent transaction. 

I further became aware that whilst I was in prison I had been reported for stalking and harassment by various methods of communication. Security Alert for Bronzefield prison – apparently prisoners are sending texts and emails and letters and going out for a jolly to stalk people without your knowledge!

I telephoned my mum to let her know that I was now out of prison as I was aware Teresa had been in contact with her. My mum told me that her Facebook account had been hacked and that messages had been sent to Steve.  Steve had been in a relationship with a French woman and messages had been sent from my mums account to this woman informing her of a sexual relationship between my mum & Steve.  I tried to tell my mum it wasn’t me as I was in prison, but she didn’t believe me and hasn’t spoken to me since.

Following the support I had received from Trauma Support, and from Mental Health Services I contacted the police to make a report of Coercive Controlling Behaviour. I was visited by a police officer who refused to take any details of the Coercive Controlling Behaviour I was trying to report. After a half-hearted investigation the police claimed that I was the victim of cross-government Coercive Control but not legislative Coercive Control so I would have to take my own legal action. At the same time the police advised me to take legal action for the return of my dog and property and for the breach of copyright, hacking and other intellectual thefts that had happened. So I began instigating claims in the civil courts.

I applied for a Non-Molestation Order against Candi. The Court Bailiff served papers on Candi for the Non-Molestation order.  Approximately 90 minutes later Candi was messaging with a known associate of mine giving out her address details.  I was asked to attend Candi’s home address and refused.

and there are plenty more of these screenshots

On the 28th May I obtained a Non-Molestation Order against Candi preventing her from contacting me in any way, direct or indirect, from coming near my property and from encouring anyone else to do so. She has since breached this order.

This one was given to the police to trace, and to check my phone. They concluded it had come from Candi’s number and Candi’s phone but as no one had seen her make the call there was little they could do about it. It’s now within the Courts.


At the same time I applied for an order for the return of my dog. On the 21st June I obtained a County Court order stating that I had ownership of the dog based on the evidence before the Court and that Candi must return her within 7 days. She breached this order.

I was served with a Non Molestation Order from Lucie with a witness statement attached.  Within this statement are several false claims but it appears that the statement has been written to support Candi’s allegations against me.  When we appeared in Court this Order was revoked.

It came to my attention that Candi had opened a Facebook page on 4th May advertising a photography business called Marvelous Moments.  This page was based on the stolen images reported to police on 29.11.18 and is in direct contradiction with Candi’s statements that she didn’t want a business.  I wrote on the page to say the images were stolen, and it had been reported to the police.  Sally then replied to say that Candi had taken those pictures and had been a photographer in the company.  I replied to say that the exif data on the images showed they had been taken by my camera which I have the receipt for, but also that Candi was in the pictures so clearly could not have taken them.  On the same Facebook page was further images that had been taken, the exif data from these images is evidence that Candi took the camera from the house on the 28.10.18 which I have also reported as stolen.  The page has now been deleted.  I then received an email to state that there was an unsuccessful login on my Facebook account and my Facebook was subsequently disabled. 

A few days later I was advised Candi had reported me to the Police for my comments on this business page and I was to be charged with Breach of a Restraining Order. Included within the complaint was the fact that she had been served Court orders but the Police decided I was within my rights to serve Court documents.

Her statement and the evidence to show just how far she went with the lies can be found here:


When I received Candi’s statement, the absolute lies within it were quite amazing and it proved that I had made the right decision to take legal action. Very clearly, she had got away with all the other tales she had told and she was becoming more and more extravagant and the Police were believing her.

I don’t want to fill this page with discussing evidence but for example she includes in her evidence a screenshot of the conversation I had with Sally about the images being taken for the purposes of business but claims that the images were never anything to do with the business. She claims the images had never been on any internet / social media but she was the one who loaded them from her personal facebook account. I compiled 134 pieces of evidence on the photographs alone and decided that she will have to answer to this in Court.

It had been 3 months since I had last contacted Lucie, during which time a lot had happened. I text her to give her an opportunity to text or talk with me.  I was later arrested for harassment, although my health has suffered so badly that I was no longer considered fit to be detained and was released within 20 minutes of being in the police station.

I received a notification that my Netflix account was being cancelled and whilst trying to reset my keychain on my laptop I noticed that Candi’s phone had tried to access my computer twice the day before.  This is something I generally don’t look at too often as its all controlled automatically by the computer but I had to delete an entry as it was blocking me when I noticed the two entries stating ‘yesterday’

Every time something happened with Court, there would be some kind of backlash on me. Candi was seen round my house, she telephoned me from her own number, I received countless ‘unknown’ calls. There was always something.

Whilst legal action was progressing slowly, my health continued to suffer, both mentally and physically. I now had private healthcare for some conditions whilst maintaining my NHS GP. The general opinion was that I was not fit to attend court, and various letters were sent to various hearings. At one of those hearings, the Judge required me to serve and file medical evidence. I subsequently found out that Candi had reported me for service of every Court document and I was under investigation again!

The Police have files everywhere and have produced reports stating I had been convicted and sentenced of the historic sexual abuse yet to this day that investigation has not been concluded. In fact this has now got so convoluted between two Police Counties that no one really seems to know what is going on.

See whats going on with the Police:


Candi has produced an email from DC Wallis in the Court process which states no fewer than 14 crime reference numbers of reports where she has been considered to be the victim, so I applied to the Police and obtained these reports, and it is very interesting to see the Officers state ‘very manipulative and controlling behaviour’ from her. I guess this was another of her tricks to try to cause issues for me.

Where are we now?

We are no further forward.

My health has suffered considerably, there has been another suicide attempt but I have now managed to get on the dark web and get some more accurate advice and know where I went wrong. Well at least I hope I do!

I love both my daughters and I really don’t know that I will ever get over what they have done to me. I console myself that Candi has a psychological issue and needs help, and that Lucie has been taken in by all the lies but also feels a little left out as its all about Candi but then thats how life has been since 2006.

I don’t want a future without my girls. I don’t intend to live long enough to see a future without them. I wont go through another Christmas without them.

Please don’t comment about thinking what it will do to them when I die. Look what they have done to me! Everything in life has a consequence… this is the consequence of the choices they made.

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