How many lies can you fit in one statement?

This matter has been ‘investigated’ by PC Martin George from Sussex Police. His statement is included here:

You decide …

On the 16th May, Candi reported me to the Police for Breaching the Restraining Order that had been put in place by the Court following the suicide letter that I sent her. This is her statement:

Oh how horrific!!! What a terrible person I am!!! Now lets take it apart and see what truth we can find …

1st paragraph – ex partner?

Now where in all those emails or facebook posts did it ever say that we was partners? It very clearly says that I am mum. In fact I ask the readers to look at the evidence page to see just some of the samples of the times I was being called mum and to notice that there were boyfriends with whom she was discussing sex on open facebook and saying to tone it down as her mum was on the chat.

3rd paragraph – 2005 and placed into Foster Care?

Ummmm no! In the summer of 2006 she ran away from home and accused her father of sexual abuse over a prolonged period of time. I was not a foster carer – I wasn’t allowed to be as I had put my own son in voluntary foster care when he was younger so I couldn’t pass their checks. I could provide a place of safety but she she refused to leave.

3rd paragraph – sexual relationship

Oh ok – so originally I was accused of it being 13 – 21, and then it became 13-17 and now its 14 – 26. During that time she had several boyfriends who stayed at the house for periods of time, who she went on holiday with, who she went sex toy shopping with, and who she got engaged to!

Why would I, a married woman with 2 childen start a sexual relationship with a 14 year old girl? Lets be clear here – she isn’ t saying I raped her or it was a one off thing, she claims it was a sexual relationship?

Lets also not forget that Lucie was in the house that whole time. Whilst she might not remember the early years due to her age, it would be normal for her to be aware of a sexual relationship in the house where she was living from roughly age 10/12. So why did she not know in the last 5-7 years that this was going on?

4th paragraph – horror of all horrors it became horrific!

It became so horrific that we moved away from the area where she had made all her previous sexual assault allegations, we started a new business, we applied for tender on 3 different commercial premises for our business, we made long term commitments in both business and personal lives and so on. Why would someone put their name to a 15 year lease on a commercial premises if life was horrific? Why would someone purchase puppies? Why would someone send the messages that are now in the public eye if life was so horrific? Why would closest friends have said how happy she was?

This paragraph is in direct contradiction of her earlier statements also now in the public eye, but it also shows the venom and the malice and that it was designed to hurt and upset me. It was designed to be another nail in my coffin – we all know she is pushing me to suicide.

4th paragraph – I assaulted her on many occasions?

I don’t see any reports of this? I do see the reports of her assaults on me. I do see the police reports of her manipulative and controlling behaviour. I also see the witness reports of her manipulative and controlling behaviour. I requested all my police records, and medical records to see where it says I have ever assaulted her and other than the alleged assault on the 17th October there is no other reference to anything which she has claimed. The report from the 17th October also details the injuries I sustained when she attacked me as does the ambulance report.

5th paragraph – did you see the messages she sent me?

Just incase you didn’t, and as this is an evidence page lets show some evidence. But also lets just drop in this from her first statement:

and a police report ….

The whole of this statement is now in the public eye as well, and it further goes on to say there was no contact with her from January 2019. Hardly bombarding her – and where is the harassment charges?

6th & 7th paragraph – remanded for harassment? facts speak louder

There is a blog about this. She has ‘bragged’ so many times to so many people that I was arrested for harassment and it simply is a lie. The conviction was 1 suicide letter and 1 suicide text. It doesn’t even fall under the harassment act – its the malicious communications act. This is pure conjecture.

“When we split up I resigned”

I am fairly sure by now that it is widely known Candi left the family home on 17th October 2019. I resigned on 31st December 2018 but Candi remained a director until January 2019. Which in fact means I walked away first. Harassment is a funny old thing … walking away!

The last paragraph on page 1 – now this is funny!

“I was shocked to see that GOODMAN had commented” … was you?, was you really? because on paragraph 3 of the next page … just a mere 3 paragraphs away … “To be honest I was unsurprised that GOODMAN had completely ignored the restraining order”. Any English teachers around??? Does she need English lessons or maybe she just needs to stop lying and get her story straight!

I also need to address the claim of the business she was running on social media. According to my records she only opened the page on 4th May, and HMRC and Trading Standards had not heard of her, neither had Companies House.

Ambers Place – have you been following this site?

I know there is a lot of information on here and it gets complex so just for the sake of readers comfort here it is again. This was the business we agreed on in January, with the text messages to prove it. Not only was she aware of it but the suicide letter I sent her had given her all the passwords to be able to run it – she had full access to it. Again she uses that word ‘harassing’ but look at the texts? The continual use of the word is to make herself a victim for Lee and his family, to get the attention she needs. There is a blog on it here:

Police Warnings – Did I miss them?

Candi states that I had repeatedly ignored police warnings, and refused to wear a tag and be monitored? There is a letter on file from the tag company stating that I was ill and couldn’t have the tag fitted as well as the fact that I was rushed to hospital when I was found. There are also no police warnings. I have a complete Subject Access Request on all my police records and it includes every report from every officer. On one occasion I was advised to send a final text with an offer to collect property and then to ignore all future correspondance. That was the only warning.

Does she not realise this is all on police record? I can’t believe someone would just make up so much rubbish about what the police have actually done and not done.

Here comes the interesting bit …

This is the image of mine she used but forgot to give to the police. Is it just coincidence thats because she is in it?

“I deny that any of the photos displayed on my facebook page belong to Streets.VIP Ltd as they had never been posted online by myself or anyone else prior to this. In addition several were taken by my boyfriend who had no links to my previous business in anyway and therefore the photos would not belong to Streets.VIP Ltd.”

This is her evidence she gave to the Police

OH MY GOD WHAT A CROCK! What do I have to prove here – the images were taken in the name of the business … That I took the images … That the images were displayed on the internet and on social media … Oh and the biggest prove of all … SHE KNEW ABOUT IT AND IS DELIBERATELY LYING!

Ok – lets do just that!

Police Evidence

These images all relate to the same photoshoot.

This message was received last night on our instagram. We would like to extend our apologies for this oversight on our behalf and assure you that those details have now been redacted.

We would also like to thank you for sending this message and providing further proof that the images were indeed part of a business arrangement for which you signed a contract, and for which the discounted rate was authorised by Candi.

Please do remember to check the exif data to check all the images are coming from the same camera – mine. I have 3 camera’s – all Nikon. D3400, D5500 and D810.

Police Evidence

These images all relate to the same photoshoot.

Police Evidence

Police Evidence

5th paragraph page 2 – Copyright

She refers to copyright being the photographer who took the image has ownership/copyright of it. Therefore as shown above, I took the images, she knew that I owned copyright.

Streets terms and conditions

6th Paragraph page 2 – Civil Court

She refers to the matter going through civil court rather than a comment on the business page she set up in my belief deliberately to try to cause more trouble. For the record – this matter is in court now due to her actions, and she is using the comment on the facebook page to try to stop me from continuing civil action. However the courts are not on her side on this matter and have given permission for the civil matter to go ahead. Follow the court action here:

She had to close her business page?

I think facebook closed it actually as I reported it for fraud and copyright theft and they took it offline. Not before I had copied it ready to send to the authorities though. I’ve learnt my lesson in this game of hers and I have every little thing recorded. Facebook subsequently emailed me to say it had been removed following my report.

She goes on to say how it has affected her lifestyle as she can’t make any money from her photography. Well I must remember to ask my solicitor for the company formation documents and the company accounts in disclosure. I must also remember to take a share in any monies earned on the basis of using my photographs as her advertising, and using my camera which she took out of my house without my permission.

We should also look at this ‘business’ in a little more detail. Earlier on this page I posted the evidence she has provided to the police and on it is the total number of people who saw the advertising she was doing. Oh yes that’s right – a total number of 0!

I suppose in some way I have to Thank her because if she hadn’t of put that business page in my area then I wouldn’t have been able to download the photographs which have provided the evidence that she stole my camera!

7th paragraph page 7 – she’s off again!

We are back to incessant harassment – but actually just show us where because so far the police haven’t seen a case of it and neither has anyone else. The line about anxiety and depression, the line about being fearful I will approach her if out in Chichester, and the line about nightmares are all repeats of those used in 2006 when she ran from her father, and in 2013 when she tried to bring it all back up again, and when she had Sam arrested in 2010, and the reason we had to move out of Chichester. It’s old news now. I really must scan in all her social services reports for my evidence pile!

I love this … absolutely love it!

Candi states that her and her boyfriend were forced to move house to get away from me as I knew where she lived. Now please pay special attention to the date the statement was completed on the bottom of this page – 16th May at 18:40. Now unfortunately for Candi, although she was using this excuse to say she wasn’t receiving the court papers that had been sent through – she didn’t realise that I was having papers served on her by a Process Server whose job it was to verify her identity and her accommodation – which took place a whole week later. She also didn’t realise that I was having a people search done on her because I knew she was lying and that search revealed she didn’t move house until 3rd July, over a month later. So yet again we are faced with pure conjecture.

Finally – I blocked her

Well the question has to be – why the bloody hell was she looking for me? I thought I was the worlds worst and I was harassing her and she had to move house to get away from me etc … but she looks for me on facebook?

The truth of it is that she wouldn’t see my comments as Facebook removed her page for breaching copyright, and she then changed the account and closed it. Ambers Place had been a business account which she had all the passwords and access to as I had sent it to her in the suicide note. Now she kicked me out of it and deleted it.

Statement of Truth

I just want to finally touch on the statement of truth that she has signed:

“This statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief and I make it knowing that, if it is tendered in evidence, I shall be liable to prosecution if I have wllfully stated in it anything which I know to be false, or do not believe to be true.”

I may be facing a misdemeanour with a minor breach of a restraining order but whats the term for perjury these days? This whole statement has also been included in the current contempt of court proceedings against Candi.

This page represents my opinions, and the evidence I have gathered in favour of my case. It is my belief that Candi is a girl in a hole so deep she doesn’t know how to get out of it. So the lies get bigger and bigger and bigger and the trouble is coming! I wish she would find her faith in me again so that we could sort this out and have a life, but she wont. She would rather lose everything in her life than admit she is wrong, and it looks like thats what will happen.

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